Friday, November 30, 2012

Blue & Black Sunflowers

Good morning bloggers :)

It seems I've been AWOL for a few days, we're having the first real heat of the summer here, and it's really knocking us around! Silly wusses we are - it's been almost 40ยบ a few times... can't image when it gets over that!!
I've also had 2 sick little boys! DD1 bought home some horrid germ from school nearly 2 weeks ago and since then my 3 oldest have been switching who's sick and who's not. We've had the last 11 days straight with at least one of them with a temp! Off to the doctor today I think.. then again, I can already hear him say 'it's a viral infection.. there's nothing we can give for that".
I have another revolting photo of my fingers! Eew, I need some cuticle oil ASAP! Apologies for sharing my unloved cuticles, they look so pretty from a distance that it usually doesn't bother me! Seeing them up close in a photo my be very disturbing to some people lol! I had also begun to pick at them!! Naughty Loz lol!

Basecoat CG (CoverGirl) nailslicks 'electric blue', stamped using BYS Matte Black and SE19 plate.

I have ordered some more plates (mainly with full nail images) and look forward to sharing more mani's with you (after I take care of my cuticles) haha

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