Monday, December 17, 2012

Bundle Monster Special Edition Hawaiian Plate

Hi guys, I'm back with my stamping over my last swatch (see previous post)

I recently grabbed a Bundle Monster Plate Holder (♥ it!!) when they had the limited edition Hawaiian Christmas Plate offer. There's a few images on the plate that I can't get a clear image of - argh!

But this little Christmas tree topped with Hibiscus flower is just so pretty :)

I've used Konad Special White Polish to stamp, Xtreme Wear 'White On' for sponging the snow, added some red and pink dots.

I did my right hand too...
I haven't top coated this yet as I'm pretty sure it's not going to be on there long enough to warrant it! My younger sister and her family have arrived at my parents for the silly season and I hope to be doing both hers and my nails again very soon :)

I have so many ideas.. if only the other plates I've ordered had showed up!!
oh FYI.. I removed my band aids, so now you get to see my shrivelled up finger instead :p

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  1. Oh it's lovely! I'm still waiting for my late to arrive and I can't wait.