Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fashion Inspired Contest

I've decided to enter my first nail contest... this fashion inspired contest is being run by Wacky Laki. Public voting starts December 15th. 

I found this photograph of Miley Cyrus...
she wore this dress to the Oscars and was listed on some 'worst-dressed' lists - but I kinda like it :)

Here's my mani...

My base is L'Oreal Shock Proof 010 Sheer Ivoire Creme
stamped the lace from M57 using Konad Special White & BYS Matte Black.
Dotted with toothpick {:P},
Glitter is Konad Nail-Art Pen

I can see now that my base needed to be a lot more cream coloured... will add another polish to my list!
This is my 4th stamped mani EVER! I think I'm hooked :)

Can't wait to see the other entries


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  2. I love lace manis and I have to agree however much I'm not a fan of Miley Cyrus that dress is very cute.

  3. Cute nails! I really like the layered look of lace on the tips, and it's a nice delicate look for so many outfits!

  4. I Love how you transferred the dress to your nail! good luck in the contest :)