Monday, December 3, 2012

Konad Christmas Kit

Hey peeps, some more nail art to share with you all today... and I am in HEAVEN!!

I cut my nails fairly short yesterday as they haven't been loving all the spring cleaning I've been doing, and despite my love of polish and patterns (ooh, that would be a good blog name!!) I actually prefer my nails trimmed.

After buying the cheap Konad-ripoff 'Salon Express' Nail Stamping kit, I really wanted to try some Konad "special" polishes, and I also really wanted to get a Christmas plate! I also wanted an Australian distributor so that I wouldn't be waiting weeks for them to arrive! {didn't want much did I? :P }

 Again I searched eBay and found this set HERE... From eBay store. I think they may be Australia's only/main supplier of Konad - so I know they're going to know my postal details from memory :)
This is the kit....

It comes with the 3 different 5ml Special polishes, (red, white, blue) 2 image plates - M12 (Christmas) & M57, the stamper and metal scraper.
And I am so happy to report that the KONAD branded stamper is way better than my other *cheaper* branded one! It's so soft, you can press your entire nail into it and the image just coats over so nicely!

This is the four fingers - I'm yet to master clean-up (even using a brush like I've been told!) and you'll need to excuse the awkward pose of my hand :) My little finger naturally curls in behind the ring finger so taking photos of the nail isn't the easiest!!
How stinkin' cute is that funky little reindeer pirate!! I just love him :)
I still haven't mastered the art of clean-up, even using a small paintbrush, it would be really nice to be ambidextrous when doing your nails lol
I stamped the text on the thumb only... (Konad Christmas Plate M12)
Base coat L'Oreal JetSet 'Frolic Perle' Stamped with Konad Special Polish Red.

The mesh and lace are on the other plate in the kit (M57) and the mesh full-nail image just coated over my entire nail so nicely. The full images (Konad) are no bigger than the cheaper Salon Express images - so I'm really crossing the days off the calendar until my other (supposedly) larger image plates arrive :)

I also received an extra bonus with my order...

Mango Moisturising Hand Cream and a Koand 'Nail-Art Pen'. The cream is lovely and the 'pen' is a clear with silver glitter polish with a tiny brush, the box says "Used for striping and dotting". I look forward to road testing it.
Overall a VERY pleasant Konad experience :)

OH, Just realised I need a new watermark for this blog! Off to do that now :)

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