Sunday, December 16, 2012

Wacky Laki Fashion Challenge and AiS Red Base

Firstly I want to welcome my lovely new followers :)
So glad you've decided to join me, I promise to be around much more often - after the silly season is done! Who starts a blog a month before Christmas? lol

I just wanted to share the link to my first ever challenge entry (see my post HERE)... Wacky Laki now has all the Fashion Inspired Mani's up on her blog ready for voting....

The entries are A-mazing!! My poor stumpy little nails and first attempt at dotting is nothing alongside some of these beauties.. wish them all luck and thanks for the inspiration ladies :)
and I'll admit to a favourite - number 7! I look forward to doing some more fashion inspired manis soon.

I'm also sharing my Adventures in Stamping FB Sunday Challenge - Over a red Base...

Base polishes are Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Cherry Red and White On
Stamping Polish - Konad Special Red & White
Konad Striping Polish - Silver
Plate3 Konad M12 and M57

My hands and nails are so dry and revolting in this photo - I have since been taking a lot better care of my hands - that was until I cleaned the shower grout... my poor nails :(
Have had to trim them down again, perhaps having a nail polish obsession doesn't suit very well with a person who is kinda rough with her hands!!
Plus - EVERY time my nails are wet... the kids NEED something!! Argh

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