Sunday, January 13, 2013

AiS - Light Stamp over a Dark Base

Good Sunday Morning to you all :)
Today's Adventures in Stamping Sunday Challenge is a my blog posts says: Light Stamp over a Dark Base. 

After sorting through my polishes, I discovered a few metallic and a chrome that may for stamping :)

Base Coat: BYS Satin Black
Stamping: Sally Hansen Chrome Amethyst
Plate: GA19

At first I tried a different full image, one that has more polish areas and as you can still see with this image, the polish was a little patchy on the stamp. I think if I'd left it open for a few minutes it may have worked better but this image was better and the coverage is pretty good overall.

Excuse my little stubby nails. They are constantly getting snagged on everything, esp the kids beach towels. I swear every time we get home from the pool {which is daily at the moment as the kids have daily lessons} I have a nail that needs trimming. I've never considered any kind of fake nail, never had acrylics so you'll all just have to put up with my little {often peeling} stumpy nails :P

Have a great Sunday

BTW - Voting has started on the Crumpet's Amature Nail Art challenge HERE.. you can find my entry post HERE

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