Thursday, January 3, 2013

COLOUR by TBN & Cheeky :)

Hello again... just sharing a mani I was too busy to blog! Now that the silly season has passed I have a few manis which I managed to photograph but didn't get around to blogging, esp. when my computer up and quit on me days before Christmas!! ArgH!
Luckily all is fixed now and we're waiting for a new monitor as we've borrowed the in-laws' old one for now and I swear the kids portable DVD player screen is bigger lol!


COLOUR by TBN Neptune.. this is the colour I said my pool would be some day - and FYI.. getting hubby in on the pool idea too now, he's starting to think where would be the best spot in the yard for it!!
I've stamped using Cheeky plate CH11 (from the Vibrant set) using BYS Matte Black. Added a glossy topcoat so it doesn;t matter if I use the Satin or Matte BYS, they both stamp really well and are only $3.

Didn't clean them up as well as I'd thought!
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