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December Lust Have It Box 2012

hey guys,

I signed up for the monthly Lust Have It box right at the end of December, expecting to be receiving the January box as my first - but they must have had some extras 'cause I got the December box.
As my first ever monthly 'sample' beauty box, I am pleased with it all, the assortment of products and the value of the box. I've seen people who have really *bitched* when their box doesn't have a value over about $55... hello! It's a sample box and you are only paying $14.95 a month!!

December's box included the following products...

1. Benefit Mascara They're Real Mascara RRP $38 8.5g
With Benefit’s specially designed brush, you’ll reveal lashes you never knew you had! This bodacious breakthrough mascara lengthens, volumises & curls lashes for a spectacular “out to-here” look! The long- wearing, jet black formula doesn’t smudge, budge or dry out, so your luscious lashes last all day.
This sample is 3g and I am loving it! The brush is perfect! I love how long wearing it is - even when we've had swimming lessons :)
Buy again? YES!

2. Pelactive Facial Refiner Deep Clean Scrub 150ml RRP $49
This gentle facial scrub combines suspended granules and lactic acid to gently dissolve dead skin cells and decongest pores, leaving the skin soft and smooth. Your skin will feel fresher, brighter &, visibly healthier!
I haven't tried this yet.. so I'll get back to you all on this one. I have very sensitive skin around my cheeks so I tend to steer away from 'scrubs' but am willing to give this one a go. (sample size 50ml)

3. Naked Tan Bronze or Shimmer 150ml RRRP $29.95
Enhance your inner sparkle with this natural MICA shimmer, or evenly apply this self tanner to instantly transform yourself into a bronzed goddess. Enriched with organic Shea Butter to smooth and radiate skin.
I'm rocking a pretty good al natural tan at the moment, so I'm also yet to try this. It smells good, and doesn't mention anywhere that it will stain hands or clothing (but I will avoid contact until dry!). I am a little confused as to what the product is - I've never used or heard of it before - is it a tanner or a shimmer?? It says on the back "Apply one coat evenly to your entire body and your tan will continually deepen and glow.Simply leave on the skin for just two hours, then shower".  So do you have to shower after 2 hours or can you whack it on in the morning and go about your normal day?? I'll give it a go and do a review... {sample 30ml}

4. Catwalk by Tigi Sessions Series Finishing Hairspray 250ml RRP $29.95
Create runway looks at home with this easy-to-use high performance styling spray from this salon brand. Add shine to retro up-do’s, build sexy volume or hold classic cuts firmly in place.
I actually don't use a lot of hairspray and will admit to buying it mainly to stop nits getting into my daughters hair at school :) It has a nice smell to it which I like and seemed to do the job it says it will. {sample 80ml}

5. Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Creme 140ml $24.95
From the company that puts exceptional fragrances into exceptional products, come these delightful cremes to deeply nourish your hands. Marseille bursts of gardenia, sandalwood and cardamom, while Kakadu is a floral bouquet of water lily and spring orange blossom.
I ♥ hand creams, and these are lovely! I've only been using the 'MARSEILLE Gardenia' one so far, the tiny 5ml packets have plenty enough for lots if use as you don't need a lot. My hands aren't greasy afterwards and smell oh so pretty! If you're not into florals that may remind you of Nanna and her garden, then this might not be for you :)
Buy again? YES

6. Lust have it! Exfoliating Glove RRP $9.50
This re-useable glove polishes skin, removes dead cells, old fake tan & more! Use damp on wet skin, 1-2 times a week, in upward strokes to reveal softer, fresher skin. Rinse & dry the glove well between uses.
I look forward to using this.. over the summer is when my legs and arms are actually at their best with the constant applications of moisturiser and SPF creams. But in winter they're horrible and as I usually* play netball (a winter sport played in tiny Lycra dresses outside in all weathers!!) my skin is horribly dry and I hope this does the job.

7. Marc Jacobs Daisy 1.2ml sample & Candy Cane
These were little 'gifts'... Marc Jacobs asked that we receive a sample of Daisy to have us smelling fresh-as this season - I really like it! It's a really pretty floral and as my perfumes are emptying by the day I will soon be on the hunt for some newbies.

There is also a 'benefit' catalogue in the box. So like I said, overall I was very happy with it. The mascara and hand creams have really made my day, the Daisy perfume is delightful in our summer heat and I look forward to trying the other products and will keep you updated. :)

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