Sunday, January 20, 2013

Galaxy Nails = FAIL

Hey guys... my first attempt at Galaxy Nails is a massive failure!
My colours are all too light.. I have Rainbow Bright nails instead :)

Mid-mani it was discovered there was a brown snake on my neighbours front lawn, so it sort of took focus for a while and unfortunately my attempt at galaxy nails was ruined further by running around trying to get the kids away from the neighbours... thus the stamping!
My attempt to draw your attention away from the sponging and to the lovely stamping instead lol

Base colours...
TBN Amethyst
TBN Yellow
TBN Neptune
OPI Ski Teal We Drop


Stamping Polish...
BYS Satin Black

 Excuse the horrible lack of cleanup.. I'm blaming the snake :P
My nails are also in a really bad way at the moment, lots of peeling/flaking at the tips so I've been keeping them trimmed trying to get back to the good nail...

I will endeavor to try this again soon... Using a darker base and colours.. actually, over a black this might just work okay - I'll be sure to do it over again soon. Sponging is fast becoming my favourite mani - with or without stamping

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  1. I really like it! I don't know if I'd ever attempt galaxy nails.