Saturday, January 19, 2013

Invisible Zinc Sample & Review

I recently submitted my details to receive a sample from Invisible Zinc {remember it's Summer down here in Australia} and it came in the post a few days ago.
You can apply for your free sample on their Facebook page... HERE. You'll need to 'Like' their page and fill out your details, including picking the 2 samples you'd like to receive - NOTE: Australian Residents Only.

Our very 'own' though now not very Australian-sounding Elle McPherson is on the cover... she's still gorgeous!!
I received the Tinted Daywear {medium} 5g sample and a ESP (Environmental Skin Protector) Moisturiser 4.5g. Both are SPF 30+ UVA - UVB protecting.

When I think of ZINC, I remember the fluro coloured sticks we used to paint our cheeks and nose with :)

So, onto the TINTED DAYWEAR? The 'tinted' didn't really offer any real sort of cover, and after application, I could tell when touching my face that I had applied a 'sunscreen' there. At first I just smudged a bit on my cheeks and it wasn't greasy and certainly not visible, but I could still physically feel it when touched.
The following morning I used it instead of my BB cream {a summer must-have!}.. Yuck! I was super shiny and to touch it was gross... so glad I got a sample before purchasing. I actually had to apply some loose powder to get rid of the shine.

The ESP MOISTURISER leaves the same kind of feel to my skin, but again is not noticeable without touching it. The cream was a lot nicer to apply and this claims to "reflects UV radiation away, while an anti-pollution film assists in neutralising environmental pollutants" okay... I'll believe you :)

Overall I'll be sticking with my usual facial sunscreen {I use Olay Complete SPF 15 moisturiser every morning - and in Summer top with a Garnier BB Cream} . The ESP Zinc would probably be good for the kids, and they wouldn't be looking like their face had been painted with neon ochre :)

Did you get your free sample? What are your thoughts?

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