Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Crumpet Amature Nail Art Contest - January

Hey guys.
The Crumpet is running a new challenge for newbie nail bloggers (less than 50 followers) or with no blog at all. The theme for this month is to take inspiration from this months 31 Day Challenge...

there's no chance I would ever have the time to do one of these challenges, so I was excited that this was our theme :)
Mine is without a doubt - Teals. I have the most teal polishes than any other colour in my stash.

From Thumb, then L-R
OPI Fly, Ulta3 Turquoise Treasure, COLOUR by TBN Teal Me On, TBN Seam Foam,
Chi Chi Glitter (no name) over CoverGirl Electric Blue. {The glitter is clear with gold & teal hex flakes and mini green glitter}

Have to say that the 'Teal Me On' is definitely my favourite - I love the silky creme finish and at $2.50 a bottle you can't go wrong :)

Shadowed Light

With 40ยบ+ (104F) days at the moment, it's impossible to keep my skin moist :( and excuse the stray thread on my pointer - not sure where that came from :)
From Challenge post - "the winner will be based on votes received.  You can vote via this page.  Votes and submissions will be accepted until 31st January ends in the UK - remember, the earlier you post, the more chance you have to receive votes!"

So my lovely followers, if you have a second please head over and check out the entries and vote for your favourite 

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