Friday, February 22, 2013

Lust Have It - February 2013

I received my February Lust Have It box this morning. This month we received an email saying that the new collector boxes would not be used for this month as one of the products was too large - also that due to weight restrictions one of the samples will be held over until next month.

So what was included.. I didn't bother with the box photo this month as it didn't look too appealing :)

The usual card...

This months items include...

1. Summer Tan by Mancine Self Action Tan - Dark 250ml RRP $29.95
As Australia's leading tinted-formula tanning range, Summer Tan tanning lotion is the healthiest & fastest way to develop a natural looking tan without harsh exposure to the sun! Perfect for fair to medium skin tones, reapply every 2-3 days to maintain a beautifully glowing tan.
Summer is nearing it's end down here - truthfully I wish it was done already, it's been so humid and gross. Not good for my hair or skin... I've always been a little scared of self-tanners. I would have liked to receive this earlier in the season, and with an expiration of 09/2013, I'm not sure this will get used.... {sample full size}
Would Buy? UNSURE

2. Styli-Style L3 Timeless Lipstick Full Size $19.95
This full coverage lipstick is the first non-drying, long-lasting lipstick to offer all-day moisture as well as non-stop hi-shine! L3 Timeless glides on like silk and holds true to the lips for a romantic courtship between long-lasting colour and shine.
I got a beautiful wine/plum shade called 'Jewels'. I am more of a neutral kind of girl and have nothing like this in my collection. I am impressed to say the least, it did in fact glide on like silk and offer so much moisture. My lips always become very dry after wearing lipstick alone, but I doubt that to be the case with this one. I'm going to need to organise some more date-nights with the hubs cause this one begs to be worn in Autumn. {sample full size}
Would buy? YES!

I actually had a bit of trouble finding where to purchase these beauties in Aus so asked on the LHi FB page... they're half price at the moment too! :)

{Styli-Style L3 Timeless Lipstick "Jewels"}

3. The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Nail Lacquers 12ml RRP $9.99
"Lacquers for the fingers and toes that are as natural and pure as modern technology allows." Derived from sand and horsetail plant, these lacquers provide intense and long-lasting colour to your nails without the use of potentially harmful synthetic colourants. Your nails deserve it!
I love nail polish! So I was really excited to see this one in my box... the colour is 'Brown Plum'..
I'm in the midst of a swatch and review of this one so watch this [SPACE]
{sample full size}

4. Lon Vitalite C9 Moisturising or C10 Whitening Hand masks 1pair RRP $4.50
Often the hands are overlooked in therapy treatments but really they're often one of the first giveaways of a person's age! Give your hands some TLC with these simple to use, cloth hydrating gloves. C9 cleanses and detoxifies while C10 evens the pigment in age spots and blemishes.
I got the C9, and although initially relieved (I'd seen someone mention C10 gloves yesterday and the thought of a 'whitening" glove scared me...) I actually would have liked to have a go at the Whitening ones. My hands are always very dry, always covered in nicks and scratches and although I don't want to admit it, they do have some age spots!! eek... can you tell how old I am?? :) {sample full size}
I will review these individually also.. Would buy? WAIT FOR REVIEW

5. Bioderma Atoderm Cream 500ml RRP $59.95
{Is missing from the box and is to be carried over into next months box.}
Atoderm Cream moisture's, soothes the skin and helps restructure the skins natural barrier. The creamy texture spreads easily and penetrates rapidly, making it the perfect daily moisturiser for the face and body.
Looking forward to receiving this next month.

Did you get the same products that I did? Would love to see what you received in your box so leave me a link in the comments for me to hop over and have a squizz..

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