Friday, February 8, 2013

Smell Me :) ... they're all nearly empty!

Eeek! I know it happens to us all some time or another, but at present I have 3 fragrances on the go... actually make that 2! Soon to be ZERO!
All 3 of fragrances will be empty within the next couple of weeks, you know it's getting close when you have to search for the end of the tube to get the liquid to sit in the right spot to get those last few drops out!
I thought I'd share with you my *current* perfumes...

Flower by Kenzo - ♥ MY FAVOURITE ♥

I absolutely adore this perfume! Seriously, I have never smelt something more 'pretty'... it's so sweet and feminine, perfect for everyday wear and I like it on a nice quiet night out for dinner with friends.
I will DEFINITELY be replacing this :)

Pink Sparkle by Kylie Minogue

This was a birthday gift and despite the size it has actually taken me almost 2 years to use it all! I know, perfumes can and do expire/go off... but I never noticed a difference in the smell and never had it capped either. That's actually the reason I'm sharing web images of my scents as I quickly throw away the fancy caps for much quicker use.
I'm neither here nor there with this perfume... not replacing.

Luscious Pink by Mariah Carey

Again, I've had this for years {embarrassed giggle} and again it was a birthday gift. I'm pretty sure my sister bought me this one. This is my everyday perfume... and I spray like 5 or 6 times everyday! And the blasted thing is still going :) I'm not overly impressed with the staying power of this one, and like my Pink Sparkle the scent itself is no standout.

That being said... it would appear that only one of my three will be getting replaced {have already begun searching for new Flower!} so I have a few openings in the fragrance department. I will point out that these are not even close to being the only perfumes I have, just the ones I use regularly. I mean, who hasn't got some horrible Red Door stashed in the back of the bathroom cabinet that some Aunt gave you for Christmas!
I'm open to any suggestions for new fragrances, I've been looking into Lady Gaga's FAME... ? thoughts?

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