Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March ~ Lust Have It ~ 2013

Hiya peeps :) longtime no bloggy....oopsie!
I'm here today with my 4th Lust Have It box and wowsies! It's a rippa! Now, I told myself that this month I was not going to watch/read any reviews before getting my own box - FAIL. There was just so much raving going on that I really had to check them out. I didn't actually see anyone else with the exact products as me....

The box... a pretty mint green with their new signature logo and flourish design. I do really like these boxes, and as pointed out by someone else, she'd wished they'd changed the end letter so at the end, they'd read LUST HAVE IT. Makes sense to me.. wish they'd done that too :)

The usual card...

This months items include...

1. BioElixia BodyShaper Cellulite Contour Creme RRP $59, 150ml
Ditch the dimples! This effective creme delivers more active ingredients to the deepest layers and smooths bumpy thighs with a patented TPM(R) Dermal Delivery Technology to absorb and improve the appearance of cellulite by an average of 38%.
I'm overweight - let's just get that out there :) so I have quite a bit of cellulite and really look forward to trying this. I've begun a new lifestyle regime and combined with weight loss I hope this really can deliver the said 38% {sample full size}
Also a 25% Gift card coupon for

2. The Natural Source Camouflage Colour Crayons Full Size $9.95 each
Containing only naturally derived pigments, these crayons can be used anywhere on the face or body to create your own individual look! With a selection of gorgeous colours, perfect for the eyes and lips, you'll be ready for any occasion. TIP: Sharpen to a fine point for use as a lip or eye liner. 
I got numbers 021 & 037. They seem to be really pigmented and I love the shades that I got! The mint-green is gorgeous and the wine/plum colour applied to my lips like silk. Definitely looking forward to using these. {sample full size}

3. Goldwell Dualsense Rich Repair RRP $20.99, 200ml
This specially-developed hair repair treatment contains Pashmina-Silk Proteins to give hair a healthy shine and a smooth, silky feeling. This intensive treatment gives life back to dry, damaged or stressed hair in just 60 seconds. Treat your hair with Dualsense Rich Repair!
I was in the market for a treatment, and a full size of this is very reasonably priced. You basically use it as your conditioner, rinse off after 60 seconds and well-la! Beautiful hair! I have just used this, but at the moment my hair is still wet so we'll have to wait for it to air-dry to get any real review :)
{sample 50ml}

4. Ocean Essencea Godl & Pearl Rubber Mask RRP $9.95, 27g
Mix 30ml of warm water into a plastic bowl. Apply the mask quickly and fairly thickly, especially at the edges for easy removal. Leave on for 30 minutes and peel off once set like rubber to leave your skin indulgently radiant! TIP: Cleanse and moisturise first to help peel the mask off later.
I have never used anything like this in my life.... do you mix the sachet with the 30ml of water, then apply? The instructions are also a little vague! I'll give it a go, nothing like rubbing some Deep Sea Algae on your face for some radiant skin :)
{sample full size}

5. Orly Flash Dry Drops RRP $19.95, 18ml (see photo above)
These quick-drying drops are perfect for women on the move! Use these high-shine drops on freshly lacquered nails to accelerate drying time and to deliver glossy nails that are good to go!
I love doing nails (when mine stop peeling you'll get sick of them I can assure you!!) so I'm excited to try these. I've only ever used a Revlon Quick drying topcoat, and the drops really interest me. I'll let you all know how I get on with them.
{sample size - 5.3ml}

Also included was the missing Bioderma sample from last months box...
A $15 Gift voucher to
And a card for Dollar Shave Club - which I have never heard of so I'll be checking that out shortly.

Did you get the same products that I did? This box is definitely worth around the $100 mark and I am really impressed with all the gorgeous products.

Lust Have It sent out and email last week, saying they would be rising their monthly fee to $20, and gave existing customers the locked-in cheaper price for the next 6 months and a discount code for an annual subscription. I jumped on the annual subscription band-wagon and cannot wait to sample the next 12 months with Lust Have It!!

I would love to see what you received in your box so leave me a link in the comments for me to hop over and have a squizz..

All products were purchased my me unless otherwise stated. All my reviews, opinions, and everything expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. Your own experience may differ to mine.


  1. Wow! every version of this box I've seen so far I have been really impressed. I'm yet to receive mine but I cant wait to see what I get. Hoping to find the Orly product in my box :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment!

    I can totally see why you like your box! I'd LOVE to receive some Orly stuff, as well as nourishing/moisturizing hair care that doesn't come in a sachet!

  3. I love the colour of your pencils, all the boxes have been different this time, it's been very interesting reading what everyone else has received.

    Jac x0x