Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Much Better :)

Good riddance ugly nails :)

Silver - CG Awaken
Black - BYS Satin Black
Glitter - Konad Nail Art Pen

Much, much happier with this mani, even though I was rushed and had a 1 year old whinging and hanging off my legs! Did I mention my bubba girl turned 1 on Monday? I cannot believe how quickly that year has gone and it's sorta weird to now have another 'person' in our family as she is no longer a baby.. walking, climbing on the couch and attempting to run away definitely means she's not a little bubba anymore :(


Nails are still in terrible condition. But they look much better painted - and the added bonus to this mani is that the black tips hide the faults/peeling :)
I've only done the one coat of CG Awaken, so it looks a little rough. I really wanted to just have a play around so as to avoid another horrible disaster like yesterday! My polish only lasts 1-2 days anyways... so this will be replaced before the wkd!

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  1. Lovely! The colours work really well together.