Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pretty Things #1

Ooh.. if only I had unlimited funds and a Victoria Secret Model's body.. I would own one of EVERYTHING handmade on ESTY!

So... my five fave Pretty (etsy) Things at the moment:

so pretty Tulip Skirt from aftershowershop

Army Green Canvas Bag by Kinies 

Dark Grey Knitted Boot Cuffs by ThreeBirdNest

Infinity Scarf - Grey Rose by DreamingDays 

Crochet Women's Slippers - by brokenhallelujah

There's a definate Autumn-feel to these products... yes I'm over our Summer.. bring on the cooler weather so I can wear some of those fab boot cuffs!

What are your current Etsy faves?


  1. It is so weird hearing you saying you are over summer and wish for cooler weather, we are freezing our butts off here. I long for the days when I don't need a coat. :-)

  2. Those crochet slippers look so cute!!! Excuse me whilst I make more unnecessary purchases. :P