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LUST HAVE IT - Look back in time at the last 4 boxes...

Hi guys, I wanted to go back and take a look at the last few Lust Have It sample boxes. As my subscription started at the beginning of the year, I've decided that a quarterly box roundup was in order. Being my first Quarterly LHI Roundup, this will also include December 2012's box as I was sent this out as my first box because they had excess stock.

So this is really a review of each product/sample.. I will include some swatches where I think necessary, and give my honest opinion of my experience with them.

Get yourself a cup of tea... and get comfy :)

December 2012
Here's the card with the list of products...

1. Benefit Mascara - I love this mascara! I love that it's long-wearing {not sure if it's classed as water-proof but I did use it over Summer and when swimming and it didn't budge a bit!}, it did add some extra curl and length to my lashes. I will be purchasing this!
2. Pelactiv Cleansing Scrub - As far as scrubs go I think this is great, although I haven't used many over the years :) I have sensitive skin around my cheeks and near my eyes, and haven't tried many scrubs at all. The sample was a really good size {50ml I think}. I use this maybe once or twice a week, it leaves my skin feeling exfoliated and smoother. I'm not going to commit myself into purchasing this exact scrub before testing a few other out.
3. Catwalk by Tigi Hairspray, Finishing Hairspray - Where do I start? I had a LOVE then very strong HATE with this sample, and the strong HATE comes from knowing many others have had the exact same experience as I have.
I love, love the smell of this spray. The travel size sample was a perfect size, and it really held my hair firm without caking on or being crunchy... UNTIL it stopped working! The sprayer just stopped one day, and from feel there is way more than half the can left. I am not happy at all about this, and as I have already said, I've heard many others saying the same thing. While I absolutely loved the product itself, I'm not convinced to purchase it as I worry that my full size $30 hairspray might just stop spraying one day.... :(
4. Naked Tan {Bronze or Shimmer} - I got the bronzer and haven't used this at all. But I think I would. It's not something I use on a daily basis, but given the right function I would def give it a go, although as stated in my original December LHI post, I'm still not quite sure what this product is :P
5. Glasshouse Fragrances Hand Cremes - these were very scented... the Marseille Gardenia was gorgeous, but perhaps a little overpowering. And the Kakadu was almost headache-inducing, that being said, I loved how they felt. Really fast absorbing, def deeply nourishing and the scent was quite nice on the skin for a while afterwards.
6. Lust Have It Exfoliating Glove - I like this. It's simple to use and does exactly what it's supposed to. I'm looking forward to using it over the coming Winter months.

Also included in the Dec 12 box was a tiny sample of Marc Jacobs 'Daisy' perfume. I did really like this perfume, but at the end of it, it wasn't really the scent for me. I find really floral scents are much better suited to Summer weather.

OVERALL BOX SATISFACTION??? GREAT! Definitely a great first box. I was really impressed with the array of samples, from hair, skin, makeup and the exfoliating glove, I found this to be a really great box, but the Tigi Hairspray being faulty has definitely been a massive letdown.

Here's the card with the list of products.. this was also the first of their new collector boxes.

1.Silk of Morocco Lip Gloss - I got the colour 'Sunrise'. A sheer coral colour with tiny flecks of gold. I love the minty smell but did find this to be a little sticky on my lips.

2. Nude by Nature BB Cream - I was one of the subscribers that received the 'Dark' BB cream and was initially really disappointed. After watching LHI's video on using the dark as a contour... I decided to give it a go. It's great! In a recent photo at my daughter's birthday party I looked really pale in the face compared with my tanned upper chest and shoulders, I quickly realised that my daily BB cream which I'd been using since mid-2012, was now too pale for my summer skin. The dark BB cream blends beautifully and looks really natural. I'm thinking it may end up being a little dark for me once my tan fades with the final heat of summer, but I'll definitely be picking it back up next summer.

3. Lust Have It Kabuki Brush - Another winner! I haven't had any issues with bristles falling out, they're super soft but thick. I use this with liquid foundation and my BB cream above :) Winner! Love it!
4. Ella Bacje 50+ Sportsbloc Sunscreen - I loved the smell of this! The sample was quite large but I hate little sample packets of sunscreen! I put this in a little sample jar and kept it in the nappy bag for when we were out. It left a really nice scent and even a nice sheen on my skin, but I wouldn't use it on my face. The smell was just too strong and whilst it wasn't greasy, and it did soak in nicely, I just didn't want to use it on my face. Btw, this is a fairly expensive sunscreen, $44 for 130ml... we purchase 500ml or 1L pump packs in our house with four kids, so I won't be purchasing this, but it was really nice to try :)
5. Klorane Shampoo & Conditioner - These did nothing for me. Actually I think they made my hair more tangled than usual if that's at all possible? I got the ones for 'colour-treated' hair, which mine technically isn't. I wasn't impressed with these at all, hated the sachet sample (little bottle or tube would be so much easier!) and didn't even notice if they smelled nice!
6. Avene Clearance Skin Range - I haven't used these, at all.

OVERALL BOX SATISFACTION??? GREAT! I love the Kabuki Brush and use it daily, that includes the BB cream which was a massive full-size sample. The lip-gloss was good and in a tone that I didn't have... yep, pretty good overall :)

February 2013
Card.... {no fancy box this month...}

1.Summer Tan Self Tanner - I still haven't used this. After seeing some reviews and seeing that this is different to a lot of self tanners available in that this is brown, all those other ones are orange. And no one wants to look like and Oompa Loompa. I'll probably use this more as a moisturise over the winter months, as it expires in September I can't be keeping it for next summer. I'm still on the fence about this one. This is the type of full-size product in a sample box that makes you wonder if you only got it because it's nearing it's use by?? Or, maybe that's just me :)
2. Styli-Styli L3 Timeless Lipstick - I loved the shade that I got. 'Jewels' is a bright wine type colour. Lipsticks have always dried my lips out, this one promises to "offer all-day moisture as well as non-stop hi-shine!". I didn't find that at all. I wore this recently to a BBQ at a friends place and they all loved the colour {as do I :)} and it didn't mark my glass or food. But after a few hours my lips were feeling dry and upon inspection I was left with only the outer line of my lips coloured. So I'm not convinced it does what it says it will, but I really enjoy wearing such a bright, fun colour and will continue to use this lipstick. Not sure if I'd purchase more, even when they're available at half the price advertised on the card!

3. The Natural Source Nail Polish - actually it's called a nail 'lacquer' but lets drop the posh for this review.  I didn't mind the strange brown-plum colour {actually I quite like it}, I think it is very usable and perfect for Autumn manis. What I didn't like was the thin, runny and very non-pigmented formula of mine. Oh, or the lid! Having no handle on the brush doesn't make for simple application. I spilt some of mine too :( I've seen some reviews who stated their polish was thick and gluggy and some that said it was perfect and really pigmented. I guess it's luck of the draw with this polish. I won't be buying any of this brand.

4. Lon Vitalite Hand Masks - My first hand mask experience :) was a good one. I really liked this. I got the C9 Moisturising mask and it was really simple to use, though one of my gloves fell apart down one side seam and that was annoying, I got great results. My hands were def smoother and even my regular dermatitis patch seemed to suck it up and respond well. I haven't purchased any more of these, but if I come across them I'm fairly sure I'll be picking some up.
5. Bioderma Atoderm Cream - We all know this one only arrived in the March box due to weight restrictions. I love this cream. I've been using it on my hands and as I mentioned above, I have a patch of dermatitis that appears on my right palm and at the base of my last two fingers. This cream is really nourishing. I plan to purchase this to use for my hands.

OVERALL BOX SATISFACTION??? OKAY. I think at the time I was more thrilled with this box than I am now. The lipstick is a lipstick, the polish was fairly crappy in my experience, the hand masks were a winner as was the Bioderma cream that I had to wait an extra month to try. Not sure about the self tanner....

March 2013
Usual Card...

This box only arrived around 2 weeks ago... and as yet am still to test 2 of the samples.

1. BioElixia Cellulite Cream - This is a massive full sized product worth $59! Thanks BioElixia :) I'm looking forward to testing this one, although not sure I'm game enough to share a 'before' photo :P I'll have to get back to you all on this one...
2. The Natural Source Colour Crayons -  These are really quite nice. I like the colours that I received, the plum can be used nicely on both the lips and as an eyeliner. I haven't really used the minty green one yet. They are really creamy, seem to be very pigmented... not sure of staying power as yet...

3. Goldwell Rich Repair {Conditioner Treatment} - this is really nice. The sample is a really good size {and not in a crappy little sachet - other companies take note!} and was really nice to apply, and afterwards my hair was certainly softer and looked healthier. And all in 60seconds in the shower. I like this one.
4. Ocean Essences Rubber Mask - I also haven't tried this one yet, basically because I haven't had a spare ½ hour to hide while my face turns into Jim Carey in the Mask movie :) I'll get back to you all on this one too...
5. Orly Flash Dry Drops - Great! Love nail polish, love nail art and nail stamping - and what makes all that even more lovable? Quick drying polish! These are very simple to use, although I do think there's a bit of wastage. I didn't attempt to touch my nails too soon after applying the drops, and they seemed to dry the polish just fine. I've been using a Revlon Speed Drying Top Coat for a while now, and

OVERALL BOX SATISFACTION??? GREAT! Was really impressed with the items included. I liked that once again we got some skincare, cosmetics, and haircare all to try.

So what did you think? Is this something that interests you to read? Or not? I always say that I will get around to doing some mini reviews but never seem to get there, so I thought this was the best way to actually do that. I'd love to read what you have thought/found over the past 3 (or4) LHI boxes... please feel free to do your own Quarterly LHI Box Review and link it below in the comments so I can check it out :)

BTW - for any newcomers.. Lust Have It have now introduced a price increase, exisiting members had/have the opportunity to lock in the cheaper monthly price of $15 for the next 6 months or on an annual subscription. All new subscribers will incur the increased $20 a month charge...
I got in a grabbed a 12 month sub, cause I love nothing more than a little box of goodies for me to try out each month :)

All products were purchased my me unless otherwise stated. All my reviews, opinions, and everything expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. Your own experience may differ to mine.

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