Thursday, April 4, 2013

MUA Haul

Finally I got some MUA Cosmetics! After the fiasco of my initial order (when they had the 50% off and free international shipping deal - their site just couldn't handle it!), I was finally refunded my money and immediately placed another order. Little did I know they were planning another deal the very next day!! *growls* could have ordered so much more!

I ordered 2 of their Intense Colour Eyeline Pencils in the colours Lovely Lilac & Malt Chocolate.

Eyeshadow Palettes...
*new* Undress Me Too Palette

& Glitterball Palette

*new* Matt Perfect Loose Translucent Powder - Shine Control
I need the Shine Control and am looking forward to testing this one.

Trio Eyeshadows...
Innocence and 2 of the new ones - Emotions & Theatrics. These have that awesome marbelled rock look with the mix of colours. I love the size of these (in case you're wondering the palette is 6cm round and each shadow is 2cm.) Included is a sweet double-ended applicator, I'm thinking these will be great for travel.

{Theatrics ~ Emotions ~ Innocence}

{Theatrics ~ Emotions ~ Innocence}
*new* Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder
love the sweet swirls in that one :)

Eyebrow Pencil - Blonde
I read a few reviews and most said that the Blonde was fairly dark when applied and as it was the only colour avaliable when I ordered I decided to give it a go. And I think it's the right shade for me! I have medium brown hair but my body hair, including lashes and brows, is quite thin and light. So this is prefect!

Brush In Concealer Pen - Radiance
This is one of those 'clicky brush pens'... haven't really tried this one yet.

Lipsticks - Shade 5 & Shade 15 Juicy
These are great with the matching little gloss in the bottom! Just unscrew. Bonus!
Neither of these shades are what I thought they'd be... stayed tuned for some lip swatches :)

{Shade 5 & Shade 15 'Juicy'}

You can see clearly that Shade 5 is quite a sheer pink and that Shade 15 'Juicy' is a lot more pigmented - although not quite the coral tone was expecting.

So that's it. Gives me something to play around with for a while. I'll do some individual reviews on these.
And just a little FYI - I ordered on March 28th... and recieved on April 4th - today. Not bad at all considerinig we've just had a 4-day long weekend. Thanks for stopping by... any recommendations for my next MUA haul?


  1. wow you picked up some lovely stuff. I just checkout their website and placed an order. I've seen so many reviews on MUA but never had a chance to buy anything until now :)

  2. Wow! You did get a lot. Loving that glitterball palette.

    Shame on you Loz for forcing me to go and look at their site again. lol