Saturday, April 13, 2013

Nude Leopard Print

The photos really don't do this manicure justice! Up close the stamping is smudged and my cuticles are dry - but from a distance... wow! Super shiny, super sharp contrast, have had nothing but compliments on this one :)

Base: MUD
Stamping: BYS Black
Plate: CH2
Topcoat: Revlon Speed Dry

I was rushing when doing these nails as we had friends over for dinner last night... so I might have *obviously!* put the top coat on a little too early! But like I said, for a distance they look really crisp and the smudging is hardly noticeable...
Going to try and do this on my toes later - have never tried stamping on my toes so it may be an adventure. Do not expect to see a photo of my tootsies on the www though :P


  1. Pretty! I am so trying this soon.

  2. I love manis that look good from far away.

    Good luck with the toes. I find it really hard to stamp my toes, but then I find it hard to paint my toes in general.

  3. Pretty mani! The animal print stamping is really cute! :-)

    ~ Yun