Friday, May 24, 2013


Hi guys, I recently attended an Arbonne 'party'... you know, party-plan party? My friend's mother is a new consultant/sales person and we all attended so she could have a little practise session on us :)
I went only with the intention of purchasing their primer (which is around $50) but of course the allure of all things makeup and pretty got the best of me, and I quickly forgot all about the primer I wanted and was suddenly lusting after the foundation and blush that all my friends said "looks fantastic!"

I purchased their Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Golden Bronze... ($55) 30ml
this is a really light feeling foundation, you can't tell at all that you're wearing it, though I am a little disappointed that the shade now appears too dark for me.... that's the problem with holding makeup parties in the evenings...

I also purchased their Blush in the colour Sunset ($40) 4.5g.
I love the natural tone to this blush, and the product is not powdery and just blends in beautifully.

{ blush & foundation - natural light}

{ blush blended and foundation blended}

I'm not sure what happened between the time I took the first to the time of the second photo, apologies for the completely different lighting! You can still see that the foundation does blend with the skin on the back of my hand and I guess is workable on my face.. at the moment. What I'm really worried about is when my summer tan fades, this shade will be far too dark for my skin tone...

I won't lie... I'm a pretty skeptical person, and trying to sell me something via party-plan isn't really any way to affirm your supposed greatness to me. Plus, I have so many cheaper cosmetics that can and do do pretty much the exact same thing as these. I was also a little pissed as I was told we'd be paying a combined shipment charge that "should be about $3", "no worries" said I. Ahem. $10 each for a combined order is a rip-off! Like you're not overpriced to begin with.

If you do like and wish to purchase some Arbonne, I'd recommend doing it through their website HERE, Australian orders incur a $10 shipping charge for orders up to $250 and it increases from there; OR you could def get some girlfriends together and have a party... so long as there's mini mixed sandwiches and champagne!

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  1. I do love the shade of blush you purchased it looks gorgeous.

    You could always go back and purchase a lighter foundation and mix the two. I am inbetween shades so usually have to buy two.

    Jac x0x