Saturday, May 4, 2013

Cervical Cancer...

Almost 4 weeks ago my friend died of cervical cancer. She was 42 years old, a loving wife and adoring mother to two, ages 7 and 5. We first met 7 years ago in a First Time Mothers Group... our eldest children go to school together.
She got cervical cancer 3 years ago, had an unimaginable amount of operations and treatment. Cancer spread throughout her body... and on April 15th 2013 she lost her battle. I feel so blessed to have met her, had her in my life and equally blessed to be able to watch her children grow and turn into versions of her :)

We were away on school holidays at the time of the "Celebration of Live and Love" so I had very little nail supplies and wasn't able to do the manicure I'd wanted to at the time. At her celebration of life, which was themed Bubbles and Balloons, Teal and Yellow balloons were released as we said our final goodbyes. Teal being the colour of the Cervical and Ovarian Cancer ribbon...

Here's my manicure...

See ya on the flip side :)
love ya xx

I actually completely forgot to clean up after this one - truth! I was also painting and stamping my daughters nails and adding little skulls to my son's thumbs :)
From memory the polish is Ulta3 Turquoise Treasure & Colour by TBN Yellow. I stamped using a dark blue OPI which came out the perfect green on the yellow base, and plate number BM-324 {which is far too big for my short little nails!}.

Thanks for stopping by today... please be vigilant and get your Pap Smears done regularly and if at any time you notice any symptoms for either Cervical Cancer or Ovarian Cancer... See our doctor immediately.

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  1. Sorry to hear that Loz. That's so sad and so young as well.