Wednesday, May 8, 2013

COLOUR by TBN Gradient with some Stamping + Any tips for CLEANUP much Appreciated :)

I seriously think I'm addicted to sponging now :) I love gradients and especially sponged ones.

Base colours {top to bottom}: Colour by TBN ~ Teal on Me ~ Maz-Arati ~ Yellow
Stamping Polish: BYS Black
Plate: CH16

Here's the gradient before stamping...

You can see my VNL but  as I was stamping over the top, it wasn't an issue for me. Once again I didn't base coat with the lightest colour.

And here it is with the stamping...

Okay, so I think you can see why I'm asking for tips. I've tried using a small brush around the nail cuticles with polish remover but it just won't work! There's always polish left behind! I hate showing you all my photos cause the clean-up is seriously crap!
So, what Acetone is the best? Can I buy it in Australia?

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