Tuesday, May 21, 2013

KMart Haul

Mini KMart haul. I wanted some pastels and settled on the Sinful Colours...

Purple Diamonds, Starfish, Cinderella

I also grabbed another BYS Black for stamping, and their BYS matte Top Coat. This is my first matte top coat and I'm interested to see if it actually works. I'll do a review of this one soon, because at $4, if it' any good, that makes it a complete steal!

The Purple Diamonds and Cinderella both have a shimmer and the pink Starfish is more of a matte finish.
These polishes were all $4 and avaliable at my not-so-local-but-rather-100km-away KMart :) It must be so nice not to live in a small country town sometimes!!

Have a great day