Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lust Have it {may}

Well Lusties... after last months terrible box - far too many variances especially in value last moth {IMO}.. this box is tops :)

Wow! I could tell it was packed when I first picked it up at the post office, and upon removing the white packaging, my magnetic box was bulging. I have 4 full size products this month... see my thought below written in italics :)

This month's box is in neutral greys...

The card ~ I remembered to photograph it this month!

1. The Natural Source Camouflage Colours LipGloss 15ml RRP $12.95
Hydrates and protects the lips to keep them soft and supple. The contoured applicator allows for effortless glide for even, super-glossy coverage & a touch of shimmer! With 6 deliciously fragranced shades, they'll suit any mood!
I got Wild Orange, and it's not as deliciously fragranced as one would think, in fact, it doesn't smell much at all. It's a sticky gloss, and reminds me of every gloss I ever owned as a teen. Does feel nice after it sort of soaks in and loses some of the stickiness. {full size}

2. Nicole by OPi Textured Nail Polish 15ml $14.95
Nicole by OPi's new Texture Coat creates a trendy "two-textured" effect when applied over nail lacquer. Now available in 6 exciting shades, the combinations are endless!
Mine's a gorgeous Lilac colour called "Quartz Texture". So basically from what I understand, you use this over the top of a different polish, and from what I can tell by the simple little swatch I just did :P it's sort of like a crackle top coat... looks cool. I'll do some swatches soon {full size}

3. Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment 125ml $24.95
This Miracle Hair Treatment delivers not one, but ELEVEN benefits that your hair will love! It adds shine, smoothness and softness as well as controlling frizz & fly aways to name just a few! Apply to the ends of wet hair and leave in.
I've never heard of this product, but it is just the type of product I have been wanting to buy! If it does what it says, I'll be purchasing. The tiny sample will probably only be enough for one application on my long hair, so I'll let you know how I get on :) {6ml sample}

4. Seacret Body Lotion - Milk & Honey 100ml RRP $25.00
This fast absorbing body lotion replenishes your skin's health and hydration to its optimum level through a unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals and natural ingredients. Your skin will feel silky soft and radiant all day long!
Another full size! It really does soak in quickly and leaves your skin feeling really smooth! I'm likely to use this only on my hands, and I'll be honest, I'm pretty happy about that! This is lovely. {full size}

5. Paula's Choice Resist Wrinkle-Repair Retinol Serum 30ml RRP $57.00
This intense serum instantly transforms skin back to its younger, healthier self! Perfect for all skin types and all ages, your skin will be irresistibly beautiful!
Again, another product that I need :) I am more than willing to test this baby out! There was also a small card included with the product, and has VIP $40.50 written on it, so should I choose to purchase this, I'll be looking into that. {7ml sample}
(Not sure why, but product photographed Gold, but it is silver packaging)

6. Nude by Nature Papaw Ointment 30g RRP $5.95
Leading Paw-Paw brands are chock-full of petrochemicals! But Nude's petrochemical-free alternative will sooth and calm chapped lips without any of those chemical nasties! Keep your lips beautifully soft!
Yay! I know that a lot of people have received this product in various boxes recently, but this is my first. I'm assuming LHi keep track of who got what so hopefully no one doubles up! But then again, is it really that bad to have two of these beauties? At this time of year? Wind and cold temps reek havoc on my poor sensitive lips, really looking forward to this one. {full size}

So what did you get this month? Leave me a comment below so I can come check out your box and your thoughts...


  1. I haven't received mine yet but out of all the boxes that I have looked at on other blogs you would have to have the best I have seen so far.

    Jac x0x

  2. I was really unhappy with my box I am obviously older and black nail polish and white lip gloss didnt really suit me at all , and I received bath crystals (I dont have a bath ) just disappointed by what I got compared to some others this month .Love the colour of your polish .

  3. Oh too bad SharronR, the lips gloss is very poor quality anyways, my seven yr old daughter will love it :) MY polish seems to be like a shatter, perhaps over a bright base your black will suit you? I think LHi are starting to get too many variences in boxes, my last one was absolute crap complare to others...

  4. I would have loved the serum to ease the wrinkles from sleepless nights. I received the body lotion but, but milk and honey! - I'm so jealous! I think you received a good box!

  5. Would you like some salt with that?

    Heh heh heh

    Jac x0x

  6. As much as I don't mind getting 'Ocean Mist' for my Seacret product, I would have preferred 'Milk & Honey' like yours, does it smell lovely? :)!