Friday, May 3, 2013

MUA Merged Trio Eyeshadow - Theatrics EOTD & Review

Hi guys.. this is my first EOTD {Eye Of The Day} so please be kind.
I recently purchased a few MUA Eyeshadow Trios including this Merged Trio - THEATRICS priced £3.00.

I decided to test it out and do a review. All the products I used will be listed below.

I used the gold/cream shadow all over my lid and concentrated it on the inner 3rd. The purple on the centre 3rd and up in the crease, and used the charcoal/gold right on the outer corner and blended it into the purple.

  • MUA Merged Eyeshadow Trio - THEATRICS
  • GOSH - 006 Black
  • Maybelline Define-A-Line in Ebony Black
  • Rimmel Glam'Eyes Liquid Liner in Black
  • MUA Eyeshadow Pencil in Blonde
  • MAC palette (used 1st white shade for inner corner and highlights... it's photographed GOLD!)

These MUA trios are so cute :) measuring around 6cm diameter if memory serves me right? Each domed shadow measures 2cm. Theatrics comes with 3 marbelled or "Merged' shadows, in the tones, Cream/Gold, Purple/Lilac and Charcoal/Gold. Each Merged shadow looks gorgeous in the pan - the charcoal is gorgeous and looks very Galaxy like :)

What MUA say about this:
Fall in love with MUA’s new improved formula Merged Baked Eye Shadows
With three complimentary shades these blendable trios bring day, dusk and evening drama – just what every girl needs! Each contains two tone threads of colour creating a beautiful shimmer, sparkly enough to satisfy the glitter craving in you!
From your sexy nude tones with ‘Legendary’ to your sultry blues, each soft but durable trifecta of colour will hold up pigmentation for hours. Use the palest shade as a wash over the eye and under the lid, pop the middle shade in the inner corner and use the darkest shade blending out to the outer corner.
For highlighting the cheeks try using the lightest shade sweeping just above the cheekbone to create a pearly glow.

What I say about this:

Packaging: Very Cute! I love the simple little palette with the tiny press-button release to open it. I don't go much for the raised shadow shape though... there's a lot of product that gets pushed around (see products used photo above), and I really can't tell you how deep the pan is on these... The tiny little sponge applicator was pretty much useless, it's tiny and probably best for touch-ups.  

Price: Bargain. £3.00 equates to $4.55 AUD.

Quality: At first I found the shadows to be really pigmented, then upon application I found they disappeared into my skin... I needed to apply quite a bit of product. There is A LOT of glitter fall out. I think that's pretty much what the marbelling is, tiny specks of glitter. And I ended up with it everywhere! :)

Overall thoughts: Being a cheaper palette I pretty much got what I expected when taking the price into consideration. The colours worked really well together in the end, and I like that being a trio it makes selecting contrasting and complimenting colours easy. I was very happy with my EOTD in the end - although I think this look is definitely more suited for night.
I would recommend this trio to anyone starting out or seeking cheaper eyeshadow, it took some application but got there in the end... thumbs up for price related quality :)

All products were purchased my me unless otherwise stated. All my reviews, opinions, and everything expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. Your own experience may differ to mine.

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  1. this si a gorgeous look, great to see you use the GOSH black eyeshadow. I received a replacement brown GOSH today, it's really dark but you have given me some inspiration.

    Jac xox