Sunday, May 26, 2013

Revlon Myer Haul with Goodie Bag!!

Okay in truth, my 'haul' was a measly 2 products, but we all know how Revlon is priced so 2 was all that was needed to qualify for the recent gift. And what a gift it was!!

Firstly the two products that I actually paid for - techinically my little sister did to begin with as I don't have a MYER within 150km of me so I sent her instead!
  • COLORSTAY - OVERTIME Mascara. It's one of the lengthening mascaras, I'm not yet used to it's dry formula but it seems to lengthen. $19.95
  • COLORSTAY - Eyeliner Black. Basic retractable waterproof liner. $23.95
Now to the gift. Buyers had the option of this one that I got, or a more 'red' themed one. But I liked this one :)

Included in the Gorgeous little bag was...
PHOTOREADY - Primer & Shadow in Metropolitan
I love that it comes with little insructions on the back :) The shadows are nice and smooth with the darkest being very pigmented. These are very shimmery.
I didn't attempt to add the little glitter square shadow, bit much for a day look!

PHOTOREADY - Sculpting Blush Palete in Pink
Again there's simple little instructions on the back. These little palettes are perfect for travel. The bronzer in this is fairly light, the blush also, but the higlight is super shimmery! Light feather touch needed when applying these :)

ColorBurst Lip Butter in Peach Parfait - Peachy colour with shimmery gold flecks. These butters dry my lips out! :(
Nail Enamel in Angelic {141}- Looks pearly pale pink but shimmers lilac in different lighting.
ColorStay Creme Gel Eyeliner in Black - Love this, easy to apply with the little brush that's included... great staying power once dried.

Not bad considering I paid a measly $40 odd bucks! I've warned my sister now that she's started something, I will forever be sending her to MYER and Priceline to get the goodie bags for me as I live too far away!!  Did you get your Revlon Gift?

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  1. That'a a great gift. I love all the colours, this would certainly be something I would get a lot of use out of.

    Jac x0x