Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sponged Gradient with Tiger Stamping

Note to self {and to any other Mummy bloggers} = DO NOT attempt to open highchair, pram, car seat or any other baby harness clip moments after finishing awesome nails.... :(

I *was* really happy with this mani, until I got my daughter out of her highchair and BAM! Ruined nail. I don't have the time, nor am I enough of a perfectionist to redo that nail or any other, so this is what I'm sharing! You can all suffer my terrible photo, for I'm sure it's happened to most of us.
Not only did I ruin my finished mani, the red that I used has completely stained my fingers. Also was a little *lazy* and didn't tape my fingers before sponging! Naughty Loz!

Base Colours {top - bottom}: SH Cherry Red, obe Beauty Orange Citrus, Colour by TBN Yellow.
Plate: CH2

I couldn't decide if I preferred the stamp with the fewer lines or the much 'busier' image, so I went with both, alternating them. I think I now prefer the image with the fewer lines. I'll also admit that I really couldn't figure out which animal a few of the prints were supposed to belong to... can anyone help me out?

I get that the bottom one is leopard print... is the one on the left (one that I used) Zebra? Nup... no idea!! Help!

Sorry about the closeup, I figured this one looked the best so thought I'd share! I sponged straight onto nude nails, so you can see my nail line under a few of them.
Like most of my attempts at stamping - they look much better from a distance :)

I love sponging manicures, how about you?

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