Saturday, May 18, 2013

TAG ~ The 7 Deadly Beauty Sins ~

Last week Jac from Matillyrose's did The 7 Deadly Beauty Sins TAG.. it was such a fun read that I decided to do it too :)

{GREED} - What is your most expensive beauty item?
I'm not mush of a splurger when it comes to beauty as a lot of cheaper options perform just as well if not better! I do have a few MAC Eyeshadows that are over-priced and a few too many OPI polishes :)

{WRATH} - Which beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with?
Eyeliner... be it pen, liquid, or gel liner - I just suck at application! But sometimes it just glides perfectly, you figure it out!

{GLUTTONY} - Which brand makes up the biggest chunk of your makeup collection?
Thankfully for me, I'm a scrooge :) MUA cosmetics are in every jar, box and zipper bag, along with trusty ole Maybelline.

{SLOTH} - Which product do you neglect to use due to laziness?
Foundation or more generally - Full Face Coverage. Who can be bothered with the primer and the concealer and the bronzer and the highlighter and the blush everyday....... not I! I'm more of a BB Cream for everyday use, chuck on a bit of concealer where I need and off I go.

{PRIDE} - Which product gives you the most confidence?
Now I was going to go with Jac on this one and say mascara... which is completely true. But I also wanted to add that I like to have complete eye makeup done along with said mascara AND brows filled in! I love filling my brows in, I use MUA Brow Pen in Blonde, excellent value for money!

{LUST} - Which item is at the top of your beauty wishlist?
Urban Decay palettes and Benefit Mascara!

{ENVY} - Which makeup product or look, looks great on others but not on yourself?
Pastel colours, especially pale lipsticks and nearly nude pinkish shadows. My cheeks are always quite flushed so pale just looks wrong!

It was fun reading Jac's answers and thinking of my own. If you'd like to do this TAG please so do and leave me a comment below so I can hop over for a read :)

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  1. I'm with you on the BB cream, I reach for it more than any other foundation, set with a bit of powder and I am good to go!

    Loved reading your answers :o)

    Jac x0x