Friday, June 21, 2013


Last weekend I attended another Arbonne Makeup & Skincare Party.... You may or may not, be a little shocked that I did NOT purchase anything!



There was of course a few things that I certainly would have welcomed with loving arms...
{clockwise from left} #Bronzer $47, #Make-up Primer $51, #10 Piece Precision Brush Set $50, #NEW! It's a Long Story Mascara $46, #Eyeliner - Ebony $33, #Lip Polish - Raisin $37
Those 6 items would set me back $264!

The new mascara is lovely :) It went on so smoothly without any clumping. I didn't see if it was water-proof or not... The brush was very similar to the one in Benefit - They're Real. Which FYI, is my favourite mascara brush ever!
The Primer is the most luscious feeling serum primer available. Divine! I so want this.. If I had to choose only one from the picture above, the Primer would be it.
And the Lip Polish was really pretty, although ending up quite a different tone on a few of us the final result was so pretty. From a muted dusty pink, to a deep Raisin colour matching the actual product.

Do you have any Arbonne favourites? Would you have spent $246 on 6 items??? 


  1. I don't mind spending the money on cosmetics if they are outstanding so if you find something that is really really good it is definitely worth the investment.

    To be honest I have never even heard of Arbonne until I read your blog :o)

    Jac x0x

  2. I've read some reviews on Arbonne products but the price is a bit too steep for me so I never looked into them despite positive reviews.

    Vanity Corner