Saturday, June 15, 2013

essie - sure shot - review / swatch / stamping

My first essie polish made its way into my grubby little nub-polish-stash by pure accident... A recent parcel of mine was misplaced by our 'fabulous' Australia Post so a replacement was sent out and included a little gift for my nubs in the form of essie - sure shot.

Sure shot can be seen here on the centre nail. It was a little difficult to get a true photograph of it as it's raining and completely overcast here today. A magenta toned shimmer polish, sure shot went on smooth and was opaque with only 2 coats. {No Top Coat}. It really reminded me of like, 'old-school' magenta pink polishes that my mother would have worn... :)
{On the left is Sinful Colours - Starfish and on the right is SH White On.}

I used sure shot to do some stamping using Plate BM-317.

{left} Sinful Colours Starfish and {right} SH White On.

Over the paler bases this polish stamped very well. I will be using it on a full mani soon. Very pretty both on it's own and stamped. Thanks for stopping by today.. :)

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  1. Don't cha just love Aust Post?

    These are so pretty, I really like the love heart stamping. Gorgeous colours!

    Jac x0x