Monday, June 10, 2013

KKCenterHk Product Reveiw - N.NAIL Studs Silver 5mm Nail Art Decorations

Hi guys, I was recently sent a product from KKCenterHk to trial. I chose the following studs...

which are available HERE*....

This was my first time with anything 3D, so please excuse my horrid attempt at positioning them centrally :P
First I had to sort of mould the studs around my polish remover brush to form a curved shape that would fit better to my nails...

As my nails are still fairly short at the moment, I thought I'd first try using only one on my nails. I teamed them up with a smooth black polish {BYS BLack} and a gold {CG Passion} for a punk/rock look.... As you guys know my nails haven't been at their best for a while, so please excuse the over-oiled sidewalls and stained cuticles :P

I free handed the black over the gold then added the silver tape to alternate nails.

My thoughts...
Packaging: I was sent a sample package I believe, they arrived to me in a reasonable sized ziplock bag, perfect for storing these, but make sure you take out the ones you need before starting to polish :)
Price: US $4.73 - packet contains approx. 50 studs. I really can't say if this is expensive or not... but I can tell you that these studs can be cleaned and definitely be reused if desired. {If you didn't lose them}
Usage: As mentioned above, I first had to give the studs a curved shape, they were relatively simple to apply. I added them to the wet polish and coated in TopCoat. The 5mm size is a little too big for my little nubbies but if you have long nails I would love to see what you can create with these beauties :)
Staying Power: I had two of mine fall off during the night, and the other two are still firmly stuck in place and have been for over 24hours now. I've cooked meals, done laundry, kids hair, made beds, dried children fresh out of the bath - So I'm saying that I'm pretty impressed. I certainly don't think I've got them on as flat or curved to my nail as well as I'd liked to have, and I definitely like rubbing them all day :P so they're doing pretty well.

Overall: Statement nails for a special occasion - Definitely. Probably not suited to everyday wear, but a lot of fun, and very popular based on the comments and compliments I've received so far.

I used a swatch wheel to create another 3 looks using these studs, I think on longer nails these studs look way awesome! :) I cut the stud in half using normal scissors and trimmed off any sharp edges... easy and really expands the possibilities of these studs.

If you'd like to check out these studs or other products from KKCenterHk be sure to check out their store {all links in text above above}.

For my readers KKCenterHk has offered a 10% discount, using the code polishpatterns expires 31st Jan 2014. 
Thanks for stopping by :)

* Product received free of charge for consideration. All opinions are my own and your experience may differ than mine. I have not purchased through this store and therefor cannot comment on shipping times, customer service or any policies. 

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