Monday, June 17, 2013

Lust Have It - June 2013

The first thing I though this morning was, "that feels really light". Upon opening my box, I then thought "where's the rest?". So initial thought was definitely along the 'dodge-box" line... keep reading to see if that truly is the case or not, and you can make your own decision.

My {not-so-full} box...

The card, opposite side tells us that this month we're celebrating the release of 'Great Gatsby', falling in love with all things fashion and beauty from the 1920's, therefore LHi decided to bring us a few 'GREAT' classics...

I'm not even real enthused to do the write-up :/

1. Rachel K Mineral Colour Control CC Cream RRP $39, 50ml
Combining all the benefits of BB cream, this perfectly refined CC Cream boasts even better Colour Control & enhances complexion by improving texture & balancing skin tone. 'CC' your skin glow wit Rachel K!
I got four little sachet samples, four. I've seen a lot of people rave about the CC creams as opposed to the BB creams, I'm going to have to use all of these up before passing judgment.. {sample 4x tiny sachets}

2. Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry RRP $9.95, 200ml (120g)
Indulge in the beauty of yesteryear with the new Batiste Dry Shampoo CHERRY with and unmistakable fruity fragrance and cute design inspired by our latest love of vintage glamour. Refreshes your hair when you have far better things to do than wash your hair.
Smells nice, I'm sure it will do the job. And unlike many other beauty box subscribers, this is my first Batiste sample. I'm happy with getting this, it will be very handy when travelling. {sample 50ml}

3. Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion - Ocean Mist RRP $29.95, 354ml
This exotic blend of coconut milk, raw honey and exotic nut extracts contains a rich source of natural anti-oxidants and a bounty of nutrients to revitalize, moisturise and balance the skin, Use daily for supple silky skin.
Very strong coconut smell when first using it, but it fades away fairly quickly. I'm a little sick of getting moisturising lotions each month. I'd first thought I'd just use this as a hand lotion in the coming months, but the smell is a little strong for me, so I might use it on body parts located further away from my nose :) ie. My legs lol {sample - guess - 30ml?}

{Rachel K CC Cream ~ Peal Purity}
# Crown Brush Disposable Lip Brush
Crown Brush has become the leading industry resource for cosmetic and skincare brushes, Crown Brush... for all your make up brush needs.
Disposable lip brush, more like a child's paint brush. Far too flexible and not for me.

4. Real Purity Natural Lipstick in Romantic Red PPR US$15
Women fall in love with Real Purity all Natural Lipsticks. They are creamy smooth and soft. These Lipsticks make lips appear fuller and more plump,. Get your glamour on with this amazing Romantic Red.
I wanted to test this out as I'd seen a review which said this was very drying... Whilst on the lips this felt nice and creamy, but since taking it off, my lips are dry. I also had no hope of achieving a 'Romantic Red' colour, more of a bitten red I would say. Tiny sample is fairly useless and I won't be 'falling in love' enough to purchase. {sample - minute sample pot} 

5. Doctor Babor DERMA CELLULAR Collagen Booster Cream RRP $249, 50ml
Formulated to restructure and lift skin from the inside out. Developed as an effective alternative to facial injections.
So I'm guessing this is where the money is in this months box... Someone who actually purchases this would be probably having a heart attack right now as when I removed the foil liner, it went all over my hands! Expensive hand cream Hahah. Smells really pleasant, hands feel nice :D
I'm a bit disappointed as last month I received the Paula's Choice Serum {which I am loving btw} so to receive another facial rejuvenating type thing the following month means I sort of have to wait to test this out... {sample - tiny pot} Oh and to anyone who regularly uses this $250 cream, I hope it's truly working for you.

Wishing I had received the OPI Nail Sticker things like some others did. Overall, feeling a little deflated... Not getting at all the Great Gatsby Theme, and I obviusly didn't get the $1000 Ring!

I'd love to see what you got in your box this month. And if you get Bellabox leave me a link to your post for that too, I've just signed up :)


  1. I received the same as you and I am so disappointed I could cry.

    I received the CC cream sachets already and they didn't even match the right shade so these are pretty useless. I don't use dry shampoo and I have tons of Pure Fiji lotions.

    What happened to bigger better boxes with the price increase?

    Jac x0x
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    1. Argh Jac, I cannot comment on your blog!!!
      I agree completely with your review... absolute crap box! We're supposed to be thrilled with a tiny sample of some ridiculously priced face cream?? They're lucky I've got an annual sub, cause this box is a deal-breaker!

    2. I don't know why you can't comment on my blog :o( I even went in to the admin and put you on the list of people who can comment anytime.

      Can you try again and let me know because if it keeps happening I will contact Disqus and find out what's going on.

      Jac x0x

  2. I thought this box was really disappointing... compared to what I've seen in some of the BB this month. Definitely not worth the money!!!!

    1. Agreed. LHi seem to have really let themselves go. Very disappointing box this month :(
      I'm really looking forward to getting my first BB now :)

    2. I hope you'll enter BB's diamond ring giveaway when you receive your Box, because you always such gorgeous nails! ^_^

    3. Yes I agree with Lily you should enter the BB ring giveaway with one of your nail creations.

      Jac x0x

    4. Thanks Lily and Jac.. if I get the polish I promise to enter :)

  3. Hey,

    Good review :) You didn't get the best box... The disposable lip brush is awful, isn't it! Have you tried the CC cream yet, I actually like it.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Be sure to stop by again soon.

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