Wednesday, July 31, 2013

10 Things I've Never Told You

Hi bloggers... last week I was on your dashboards almost daily... then I seem to have fallen off the face of the bloggy world :) We had a busy weekend, the kids all had a sleep over on Saturday at my parents as we had the major PreSchool fundraiser {which FYI... was a fekkin' HOOT :D} and Sunday my twinnies turned 5! So we had a little party for them in the afternoon while nursing some sad and sorry heads :P

I'll get to some July Favourites/Empties {or something!} this week, but until then, I thought I'd introduce you to me a little bit more...

Lily tagged all her readers a while ago, when doing this TAG... a sort of get-to-know-me thing. You can check Lily's post out here.

So some random little facts about me....

#1 First and most important, you must know that I have a massive phobia of birds and moths.

#2 I don't like Vegemite - very un-Australian of me lol

#3 I don't have a favourite genre in movies. I can go from Transformers {which is awesome!} to Pretty Woman without skipping a beat.

#4 As above, I have very broad tastes in music also... from Chilli Peppers to Lee Kernaghan! Concerts I've been to include, P!NK, AC/AD, The Dixie Chicks, the Deni Ute Muster {Country}, Powderfinger, Adam Brand, Killing Heidi... Right now I ♥ The Band Perry

& THIS SONG! Ed Sheeran & Passenger ♥♥

#5 I have NEVER been on an plane. Or helicopter.

#6 I broke my ankle Christmas Day 1993... I was testing out my new Rollerblades that Santa bought me.

#7 My favourite dinners of all time are Roasts. With gravy :)

#8 At present we have zero pets, our two black Labradors both died in the last 18 months, aged 14 and 13.

#9 When we went to Uluru it was too windy and the climb up was closed... not sure I was that disappointed as I'm not big fan of heights... or sweating my ass off in 30ยบ+ humidity!

#10 I have never had a traffic violation, accident or near miss. And I think all people who Drink and Drive and beyond bloody IDIOTS!

So I guess that'll do it for now. Can you relate to any of my little facts? Am I currently the ONLY person in Australia that has never been on a plane? Even many of my friends and families infant children have been on planes!! :)

If you do this TAG please come back and leave me a comment so I can hop over and meet you :)

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