Monday, July 15, 2013

bellabox... july 2013

Hey chickies....

Time again for bellabox. My box actually arrived last Thursday 11th, but I went to Melbourne for a few nights and we've had a busy weekend with relatives over from Adelaide so I'm only just getting time to post it now.

This months boxes are presented by LUXE City Guide.. and are themed Luxe Beauty Travel.

{sorry for the dark photos}
LUXE City Guides -
Mine is for New York. These were a 'bonus' this month, and although somewhat useless, I found this incredibly interesting. I've seen some people received a Paris guide, and I think there was a 3rd version given out? {my SIL and BIL are in Paris right at this moment!} Retailing for $12.95 these seem to be great little guides. If I ever plan an overseas trip, I'll be searching for one of these first!

YU-BE Moisturising Skin Cream -
Said to be a top seller in Japan, this can be used on any dry and severely dry skin areas, including face and lips. I'm happy to give this a go, I've seen some complaints about the tiny 3g sample, but all I can say is at least it's not in a sachet! RRP $34.90 {70g}

LA FRESH Eco-Beauty Wipes RRP $16.50 {18-20 sachets}.
This is a travel sachet, available in various types, mine is an Oil-Free Face Cleanser. I think these are a great idea for travelling... although a small pack of face wipes {usually a pack of 25} do retail for around $5. So these are, IMO, a Luxe option.

Who hasn't wanted to try these out if you haven't already!! So stoked that this was included. Cracked heels seem to be heriditary in my family... so I am looking forward to trying this. The 'may continue to peel for 2-3 weeks' does not bother me at all... it's Winter. And I wear socks in Winter. RRP $29.95

CANCER COUNCIL - SPF 30+ Sport Sunscreen. We use a lot of sunscreen in our household, and with 4 little kiddies, the clip-on packaging is super handy. I already have a clip-on antibacterial gel clipped to the nappy-bag.. there's plenty of room to add this too. Will certainly get used. RRP $9.95

BIORE - Makeup Removing Wipe {single wipe sample} RRP $8.99 25 wipes.
This sounds really nice, said to lock onto dirt, makeup, even stubborn waterproof mascara and lift it away without leaving a greasy residue. Sounds nice and simple to me :)

LIBRA Hotties Heat Patch - RRP $4.99 2 patches
Another bonus in this months box. Looking forward to trialing this.. although do have an issue with mine that I hope bellabox will resolve for me. :)
EDIT: Apparently the stamp on the back of the packaging is a BATCH number... I think Libra may want to rethink the application of this to avoid any confusion of it being a BEST BEFORE...

MODEL Co Cheek and Lip Tint. Rosy Red RRP $24 10ml
This is a generous 5ml sample. I've never used a product like this so was excited to see it in my box. Applying it to my cheeks seems a little daunting but I did apply it to my lips! Using a lip brush I just brushed it on :) Stain it definitley did! I liked the rosy - just bitten look I achieved. It wasn't too pigmented and I'm not sure if the colour builds with more applications, but I was happy with the look I had achieved.

{this months bonus'}

Overall I was happy with my box this month. The full size samples {BabyFoot and Sunscreen} are welcome in my home, even the LUXE Travel Guide was an interesting read. Keep up the great work bellabox! If you'd like to subscribe to bellabox, you can do so HERE. For only $15 a month including postage :)


  1. I'm liking the variety in this month's box but I really wish there were more f/s products. My box should be here in a few hours, I hope I'll see some soap lol.

    1. can't wait to see what you get Lily. I was wanting the soap, but am equally happy with the sunscreen :)

  2. I buy those clip on sunscreens for my boys they are so handy to clip on their bags and as they spend a lot of time outdoors, I'm glad they use it!

    Was your hot patches out of date? Mine were.

    I'm not so keen on the Yu-be smells like a Camphor Chapstick, I didn't find it all that moisturising, I've been using it up on my lips.

    Jac x0x

    1. Yes, it was out of date Jac. I emailed them, not sure I'm keen to stick a HEAT PATCH that's past it's use by date on my skin... Also the 2nd month in a row that BB have sent out expired items I think...??
      I haven't used the Yu-Be yet, have a dry patch on my hand I might use if for, further away from my nose :P

  3. I got a different box, but was still fairly happy :)