Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Duri REJUVACOTE Review with Before & Afters... eek!

Hey fellow bloggers and blog readers...
my regulars will know that my poor little nubbins have been battleing with the onslaught of polish and remover recently. I've had weak nails, which peel, and peel and peel....
I had originally planned to purchase the Duri from {this} website.. do yourself a favour and check out Drama Queen Nails instead. Much cheaper - you will have to add postage. {Rejuvacote link here} And awesome customer service too..

{amount used after 4 weeks of use}

Now for the super scary part. I took before photographs of both my hands on Friday June 7th, the day my Rejuvacote arrived in the post. I removed my polish using 100% Acetone and moisturised my hands {not that you can tell!} before snapping these. BEWARE - NUDITY BELOW!

I can't quite remember when my nails started to get to poor. You can see that they're also stained - no biggy, I usually have them painted so no-one sees them nude anyways.
You can also see that despite removing my polish, there's still a lot visible where my peeling is. The nails on my right hand are very weak and continually breaking.
On my left, they manage to grow a little longer but as I'm right-handed I would expect them to.

After 1 week....

Okay, so week one. I used Rejuvacote alone for a couple of days. Day 3 I used is as a base under my mani. I removed that mani the following day and then used Rejuvaote for the next 4-5 days. Applying it over the top of itself each day. I've had to file each nail back as it grew as the ends were just tearing away.
The Week 1 photos were taken on Friday June 14th. My nails certainly seemed stronger by the end of the first week, as the peeling areas are getting closer and closer to the end of my nails, I'm hoping that rejuacote will increase my growth so that I can file away all peeling...

After 2 weeks.....

{I seem to have lost my photographs from week 2! Sorry guys!}

Friday 21st June... My nails are much, much stronger and appear to be growing a little more quickly than they naturally do. The middle nail on my right hand unfortunately tore off as the peeling section got closer to the end. I've been filing them down as they grow to try and maintain the strength as the peeling line gets closer to the end.

And now - 3 weeks after use.

Friday 28th June... There's not a lot of difference in the 2 and 3 week photographs, but I will tell you that my nails are healthy :) They're stronger, and most of the peeling is improving. All that remains are the two pointer finger nails on each hand, and some minor on a few other nails.. I'm not sure why but the two of them are still peeling right at the tip. I'm confidant that it will grow out and I don't think it will worsen at all.


Just a closer comparison from before - to three weeks later. My nails have much less peeling, are stronger and have an overall nice healthy look. Not to mention the shine :) Please note that I did not let my nails 'just grow' but rather kept them shorter and thus in my opinion, keeping the tearing caused from the peeling to a minimum as it 'grew out'.

And just for good measure.. I thought I'd share with you all the 4th week. One month after starting to use Duri Rejuvacote and my nails are now like this....

After a month of use, I can see a dramatic improvement... I think the daily attention to my nails is a major factor, along with the choice of polish. Also keeping them filed down seemed to help my nails too.

Initially I used the product daily, layering on itself as directed on the bottle. Then I started using it as an base coat - {which FYI makes my manis peel off... anyone else have this issue?} - then again I used it repeatably on itself. Now a month later, it's my base coat and what I use if I'm going NUDE! I've used only a bit out of the top of the bottle, so great value for money.
I definitely recommend trying this if your nails are a bit haggard.. the photos above clearly show my nails transform. I purchased my Duri Rejuvacote from Drama Queen Nails for $12 plus shipping.

I like the layering each day rather than removing and applying freshly each day, it's far less time consuming and adds strength. I don't like the little crystal chunks that gather around the top of the bottle, I know they can be removed with some acetone, but that's just an unnecessary hassle.

OVERALL... Highly recommend! As I've said, I've never had acrylics or falsies, so I cannot attest to it's healing etc in that regard. On sad and sorry natural nails... I say give it a go! :)

All products were purchased my me unless otherwise stated. All my reviews, opinions, and everything expressed here are my own and based on my experience with a product. I am not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned on my blog nor do I endorse them and they do not endorse me. Your own experience may differ to mine.


  1. WOW! Amazing results!! Great review Loz ^_^ ! I wish I found this product when I was a teen. I used to pluck my brows with my nails and get cracked finger nails all the time!

  2. Great results there Loz. gee your funny, BEWARE NUDITY BELOW! I'm still chuckling.

    Thanks for the link to Drama Queen, always on the look out for bargain prices.

    Jac x0x

  3. It's good that it worked for you!

    Would you like to follow each other on gFC and Blog lovin? take a look into my blog and let me know!


  4. I just started using this product on October 19th 2013 in hopes my nails would improve...I was able to take photos of my nails on day 3 and day 9 of treatment and will take additional photos the beginning of this coming week...that way I have proof if the product is working or not....I have noticed tons of nail growth in the two weeks I've been using it...which is awesome...but my nails are so damaged from my mistreating them that I have to keep them fingertip length in order for them to not snag...I've been applying this product faithfully every day either by itself or as a base and top coat for my polish...hoping it helps my thin, flimsy paper thin nails....