Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Face of Australia Glitterati - Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff & Space Themed Stamping

"baby this evening, lookin' for some hot stuff baby tonight".... great song :)

Face of Australia Glitterati polish - Lookin' for Some Hot Stuff was one of the 6 polishes I recently won from Dawn. I'm not really into glitter polishes and removing them, even doing the foil method, is generally too time consuming..
Also, if they're glitters suspended in a clear base, obtaining opaqueness with only this polish would take many layers, and again, I don't have time for that, so instead I painted over a black base.

Base: BYS Black Satin
Glitter: FoA Lookin' For Some Hot Stuff {single coat only}
TopCoat: SV

{natural outdoor light}

{with flash}

I actually really like this glitter. I like the mix of the red, black and pink small hex and the red micro. Over the black I think it looks really good. There's also some bar glitters in there but without digging them out, I ended up with only the one bar on a single nail.
Yes... my BYS Black Satin stained my cuticles! Trust me, this looks good! It was a nightmare to clean up.

Although red and pink, the glitter over the dark base reminded me of outer space, so some stamping was in order.

Stamping Polish: CG Awaken
Plates: CH26 {thumb & ring} CH4 {other nails}

Soz about the dodgy colouring in the final photo, I wouldn't have included it but it shows the little martian ships on my pinkie better than the other pics.

Thanks for stopping by :)

EDIT: I'm not sure cleanup is going to be a big issue after all, some of my polish is already peeling off. My nails must have some excess oils or something going on cause my manis always seem to peel right off. I was thinking it was the Rejuvacote Base, but as I didn't use it this time... ??? hmm? Not that I care, 24 hours wearing the same polish is usually long enough before I want to change it up anyways :) Do any of you experience this or similar?

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  1. I really like the combo! It looks like you're just about to rock out ^_^. My nail polish will chip off every now and then but I've only experienced peeling with 2 coats of sally hansen and nail polish by Pretty Serious Cosmetics. It was awful, the whole thing would peel off when I wash my hair. I found random polish in my hair. Not sure if it's because i'm not using it properly or if it was a dud product :/

  2. How do you also have such pretty nails all the time?! I haven't bothered with nail polish for ages....I'm so slack :(

  3. Love the stamping over the top. I find removing a glitter nail polish is a lot hard than normal nail polish but that polish looks might pretty. Might try it on my toes first.

  4. oh this is such a great nail look! the red glitters against the black base is a great combo!