Thursday, July 18, 2013

Loreal WILD OMBRE - DIY Ombre Hair Colouring Kit

I've been lusting after ombre hair for quite some time now. I've been tossing up seeing a hairdresser friend of mine, {she usually does my hair} or testing out the latest product from Loreal Paris... Preference WILD OMBRES.
After watching quite a few You Tube video tutorials on how to use the Loreal Product, I figured "I can do that".

So yesterday I purchased the OMBRE No 2 kit from my local Woolworths supermarket. "For Dark Blonde to Medium Brown". From memory I believe it was just under the $20. I haven't been able to find the No 1. kit, for darker hair, but this one was perfect for me. I don't really like the example photograph on the No 1. kit anyways, it doesn't look to be blended very well, this result looks much better on the packaging  anyways :)

I attempted to take some photographs to show you all the before and afters..

{hair before}
This is BEFORE ^^^^. My hair was unwashed and you can see that it's pretty much the one colour. I did have some lighter streaks from blonde foils I had done like, a year ago! My hair is wavy after having been rolled in a bun for the last two days. 

I used the products as per instructions, starting the dye at around chin level. I parted my hair centrally down the back and bought the sections forward. I actually halved those, and clipped the top half up whilst I applied the dye to the underneath strands first. Then let the top down and applied the dye to those sections in the same manner. 
I left mine to develop/lighten for around 35-40 minutes. I will admit that I was a little concerned that my hair would be drastically blonde as this is the first time I've ever lightened my hair myself. I wasn't sure if I'd applied enough dye as the bottle was still half full... but as I'd seen a video for lightening the tips further, I knew it wouldn't all go to waste. 
After washing the dye from my hair, I applied a small amount of the included Conditioning Shampoo. My hair felt like straw when I got out of the shower. 
{after the first application to all lower hair}
I applied some I.C.O.N India Healing spray just so that I could get my brush through it! You can see in the ABOVE photograph, that my hair was in fact lighter on the bottom half. As I mentioned above, I'd watched a You tube tutorial which showed reapplying more dye to just the ends after partially drying the hair. 
That is exactly what I did. I wanted more than just two-toned hair. A true ombre blends from dark to light. So after partially drying my hair with a hair dryer, I applied more dye to the ends, about the bottom 2-3 inches. I only left the 2nd application on for around 10 minutes... then rinsed it out, applied a generous amount of the conditioning shampoo, 
then, smothered it with the I.C.O.N India Healing Spray and Oil
I can't put into words how horrible and straw-like my hair felt after dying! 

{Ombre Hair}
I am very happy with my Ombre Hair! 

I wanted to straighten my hair to see if there was going to be a dreaded LINE.. but thankfully there's not! You may have guessed that I had some trouble getting the photographs.. and here's one that is really the proof of the pudding....

{bottom blonde: top brown}
I wanted to show you all that although the above photographs don't show it too well, my ends {and lower half} have really been lightened... this photo shows the dramatic difference on what was once a single coloured head of hair!
Thankfully the lightening is gradual and blends... And I couldn't be happier! It also feels lovely and soft since using the oil and spray...
If you've been thinking of trying one of these DIY Ombre Kits, I say go for it!! 

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  1. Wow that's amazing, love the colour!

    Your hair is gorgeous.

    Jac x0x

  2. I've got one of these kits that I have been meaning to try out. Hair ends are still a bit too horrible to subject it to more bleach though! But you've done an amazing job :)

    1. My hair felt horrible after dying it but now feels basically back to normal. I did smother it in the ICON healing spray though - like REALLY smother it :)
      If you do use your kit be sure to take some pics for us all to see x

  3. I've heard of ombre in a box but never thought it would work out so well! I love the blend of colour ^_^

    1. my expectations weren't all that high lily, so I've been very pleasantly surprised at the results! I'm glad I re-dyed the ends a 2nd time {which you're not instructed to do so in the box}, though should probably have left it on for a bit longer than 10 minutes....

  4. That looks fantastic! Great value for a supermarket brand :)

    1. Thankyou! I figured for that price it was definitely worth a shot! :)

  5. Gosh, your hair looks amazing! I really, really want to try this but my hair is a) very resistant to dye/lightening and b) hates bleach with a passion, so I'm really afraid this will dry it out too much. I should have tried it when it was longer, but I unfortunately chopped off five inches just a week or two ago!


    1. thanks so much :)
      Ombre looks great on shorter hair too so you should really give it a go if you want to.. I don't bleach my hair too often but after the initial straw-like-ness :) my hair has really softened back to regular... let us know if you do give it a go :)

    2. I love the end result on your hair. I was but concerned about the how much it would dry my ends out but if it softens up like yours has Im willing to give it a go too.