Thursday, July 25, 2013


I received this sample size Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask in my June bellabox {see box review here}. I am a complete newbie to face masks off all kinds, and this is my first time using a peel off mask.
The sample sachet contained 5ml of product, available to purchase at Priceline, Big W and selected pharmacies full size masks retail for $3.99 for 10ml.
{5ml Montagne Jeunesse Trial Mask}

This particular mask is Passion Peel Off - Deep Cleanse, Purify and protect! Pomegranate and Passion Flower. And it smells good enough to eat :) I found the small 5ml trial size adequate for testing purposes.

The mask was very simple to use, cleanse, apply, relax {15-20 minutes}, peel.
Cleanse: I actually skipped this step as I have nothing more than daily moisturiser on my face today.
Apply: Upon opening I was a little surprised at how 'sticky' the oozy liquid was. I smoothed it over my face, avoiding my eye areas... however did manage to get a swipe through my eyebrow! Doh! :)
Relax: {15-20 mins} After 15 minutes some areas on my cheeks weren't fully dry, I wonder if using the full size how long it takes to dry? The mask gets tight as it dries, it feels really nice. Like I had my un-appreciated teenage skin back lol.
Peel: If the mask is dry.. very simple! Just roll the edge in one spot and gentle peel away. Peeling the bit from my nose felt awesome! It was really cool peeling the mask away, my skin underneath was clear of any excess mask. I did have a couple of spots not quite ready for peeling, so I left them for a little longer. I used a bit of water on a cloth to wipe the bit from my eyebrow... I doubt it's strong enough to pull my hairs out, but I wasn't going to chance it :P

My skin feels awesome. I didn't wash or rinse it afterwards. I did give it a quick wipe with a dry cloth just to make sure there weren't any leftover pink bits on my face :)
I can still smell the mask, so perhaps I did miss a bit? Either that or the scent lingers on your skin?
There's no need to moisturise after use, my skin feels softer than it did beforehand.

{the peeled off mask}

The simple, easy to open sachet was fine for me, when applying stuff with my fingers I don't mind that it's in a sachet. A tube may be better but for the price, I'm happy with the sachet. There's a few variations in this brand, I will definitely be grabbing some more of these to try next time I'm in a Priceline :)

Do you have a favourite Montagne Jeunesse Mask? Or another Peel Off mask you think I should try?

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  1. I've never tried a peel mask before but I'm pretty curious about what it will feel like on my skin!

  2. I love peel off masks because I love to Pick!! The only problem for me is waiting for them to dry so I can pick at them :o)

    Jac x0x

  3. I've tried another one of the masks from this brand but not a peel off one! To be honest I didn't even realise this was a peel off one until I read your review hahaha! I'll need to give it a go as it sounds really fun! (Like Matilly Rose, I love the peel off ones because I love to pick at them haha)

  4. I LOVE Peel off gives me a thrill! Haha, I like the black mask from Boscia but it's hard to get here.

    Love Montagne Jeunesse, my favourite has to be the chocolate orange, it smells divine. It comes with a 'do not eat' warning and I can totally understand why!