Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Priceline Hauls

I say 'hauls' as I purchased these on two different days and from two different Priceline stores! I'll link the products for Priceline Online if I can find them.. the Rimmel sale is still on...

On my first trip...

Half price Rimmel was a little hard to resist! I actually wanted the Covergirl Outlast foundation, but that particular Priceline was out of stock!! Bummer... but I decided that at around $9, the Rimmel Match Perfection was well worth testing, and I'll still pickup the Covergirl when I find it :)

Again, the Rimmel ½ price pulled me in :) This Volume Flash x10 Extreme Volume Mascara was $7.75. I love this mascara. It's wet. I don't know how other to really describe it. I like mascaras that are wet, not dry and clumpy and after using a Revlon one for the past few months, I'll be throwing it out now that I have this one! It takes a few minutes to really dry, but I've not noticed any real smudging, and at the end of the night, there's still a heap there when I wipe it off!

Essence Get Big Lashes is regularly $4.10. I haven't really used this yet, but for the price you probably can't go wrong... or I could be wrong! I'll get back to you on this one!

Maybelline Colour Tattoo - Bad to the Bronze. I've been lusting after these forever! Finally gave in.. oh my! What have I started! I want them all!!! :)
Essence Smoky Eye Brush $2.25 - great brush to have in your purse for fixing any creasing throughout the day {if you ever get any creasing!}
Australis Colour Corrector - Gold. I couldn't find this online but all Australis Products are 20% off at the moment. This is said to be great for under eye darkness and circles. Whilst I haven't noticed them really disappearing, I do like the brightness it brings. I'm pretty sure this was around $8??

Day 2... 

Yum yum yum yum yum yum yumyum!!! I love this perfume!! Lady Gaga Fame! 50ml is currently $59. I'd read some delicious reviews of this perfume, and after receiving some tiny samples in my June Bellabox I snapped it up! Love it! The black liquid definitely gives it an edge, and the scent lingers and is sweet without any floral accents....

The 'not-so-exciting' goodies :) Manicare Sample Tubs, Swisspers Face Wipes and Essential bath Shower Caps.

I also stopped in Myer to pick up my favourite waterproof mascara... Benefit's They're Real! I love this mascara, it really does make my lashes look like falsies and the waterproof formula is perfect for summer swimming and winter rain :) This double pack was $38.

okay, so that was all in the beauty department.. I also picked up a new wallet from Strandbags in the Bourke Street Mall at their 25% off sale.
{photo from Strandbags website}
The Marikai Floral Zip Around was just too pretty to resist. It also comes in Turquoise for anyone interested. I got this pretty Coral one...

I've got some manis to share with you all, been having a bit of a P!NK-fest! I'll hopefully have them all up for you over the next week. Thanks for stopping by... :)


  1. I love shopping hauls. One thing I hate about living in the country is lack of goods shops!!

    Jac x0x

    1. I didn't know where to look Jac! Priceline literally on EVERY block in the city... I have to drive a 100km just to get to one! :)

  2. Great post!

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  3. So curious about the Lady Gaga perfume. Will have to give it a sniff next time I'm at Priceline.

    1. yes check it out trishie! it's a really nice scent :)

  4. Ohh great haul! I love the Lady Gaga perfume! xx

  5. Great haul Loz! I saw 40% off rimmel products at priceline the other day and had to resist!!! I think I received a gaga perfume sample from one of the beauty boxes, I've been hearing people chitchatting about how one of gaga's perfume smells like blood?! So I've been leaving it around the house, my mum started using it and I couldn't believe how nice it smelt! I have the manicare sample containers, they are so handy ^_^ OH and let us know how the mascara is, I'm very very curious. I've tried their "get bent" mascara a few years about and didn't like the results at all so I started steering away.