Wednesday, August 21, 2013

bellabox ~ august 2013 ~ get active!

bellabox arrived today :) I've seen a few boxes around the blogging world and have to say I'd be pretty happy with each box variation I've seen. This month's box theme is Get Active! I don't really get the themes, I mean pretty much any product could work for this theme.. use before working out, use after working out...

WOTNOT Facial Wipes Travel Size RRP $7.95 {25 wipes}
I've seen that a lot of people use these wipes and recommend them. Personally I've never used them before.. these are Organic, have lots of nice natural oils and ingredients, I look forward to trying these.
{travel size ~ 5 wipes}

ASAP Ultimate Hydration RRP $79, 50ml
This feels amazing on my skin. Said to re-hydrate your skin thus saving it from premature aging due to dryness. I'll let you know how I get on :)
{sample 15ml}

SYTHESIS Certified Organic Replenish Elixir RRP $150, 50ml
"Collagen boosting to firm and smooth away fine lines"... very happy to give this one a go! I tried a small amount on the back of my hand and again, seemed really good.
{sample size 5ml}

SANCTUARY SPA Skin Perfecting BB Cream RRP $29.99, 50ml
Mine is in the shade Medium to Dark. I swatched this on my hand {see below} and at this time of year it's way too dark for me, but come Summer when my skin tans, I think it will blend in nicely.
{full size}

JOHN FRIEDA Precision Foam Colour Intense After Colour Conditioner RRP $16.99, 150ml
It's nice to get a conditioner sample, I have a stash of shampoo samples! I recently died my hair.. but think it's probably a little too late to start using this to lock in colour. Is this the same product that would be included in a hair dye kit? Is that what the '3' on the front is?
{sample size 50ml}

SWISS Recover Protein Bar Choc, Banana & Cinnamon RRP $2.95, 30g bar
I love these types of products. After slogging it out on the netball court for an hour, things like these really come in handy...
{sample full size bar}

L'OREAL Base Magique Primer RRP $29.95, 15ml
I don't tend to use primers very often, so to get samples of various ones is usually enough to keep me well stocked. This has a much thicker consistency to what I'm used to seeing in Primers. I look forward to trying this. I'm a bridesmaid in February and am on the lookout for products that will help us to all look gorgeous all day long in the HOT Victorian Summer Heat! What was my bestie thinking! LOL!
{sample 5ml }

Did you get the same samples as I did? Are you happy with yours? I'm pleased with this months assortment, although I was hoping to get the Maybelline BB cream... I'll let you know what I think about these products in either reviews or in my empties post which they end up in.
Thanks for stopping by :)


  1. Great selection there Loz, I would have loved to receive the serum!!

    Jac x0x

  2. Ahh we received the same box! I, too, was hoping for the Maybelline bb cream. Have you tried the Swisse bar yet? I took a bite and hated the taste..

  3. I got a different box but I dribbled over the box where they had the f/s BB cream and f/s sunscreen! i tried the last bar they sent out, it was in coconut flavour.. it's a bit ummm cardboardy lol

  4. I'm glad I got my box however I would've been happier with the BB cream you got! I've been loving Sanctuary Spa as a brand lately :)

    Sarah | More Than Adored