Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cotton On {online} Haul ~ Shoes & Scarves

Hey guys, I wanted to share with you my recent online purchase from Cotton On. {Sorry about two posts in the one day!}
If you haven't yet subscribed to their newsletter, do yourself a favour and do so now! You'll get a 30% off discount code to use on your first order :) And all their stores are accessible on the one site and for the one shipping cost!

On my recent trip to Melbourne {and P!NK} I was eyeing some black rubi shoes ankle boots.. I caved with my 30% voucher and finally got them online. There's no clothing in this little haul.. but a lotta bargains that I just had to share...

First up are the boots...

Regularly $39.95 and I saved $11.95! I like the TAN PU ones.. but figured my knee highs are brown so I'd go for the black ones... I love the simplicity of the added zip! No fussing with laces whilst standing out in the cold just hanging to get inside! :) They're quite comfortable.. they'll soften with wear. I like to vary my shoes up and have too many pairs so I tend to go for more affordable ones.. these are a great bargain!

Next up I threw these sandshoes in the cart super quick! $2! Yep.. ! $2!

I grabbed these two jewelry set for $3.50 each.. on the website they're now only $2! I wear gold but wasn't fussed on their gold set, so instead got the Rose Gold Fine Wrist Set. I love them. The ones on the right are elasticated bracelets, which look awesome with my watch... I should have taken a photo!!

Onto something I always lust after.. the scarves!! On the left is a woolen Eden Eternity in the colour Peat - love this!! {Wish I'd got it in Pastel Green and Red - it was only $5!!} It's so nice and warm double twisted and looks great just hanging there too :)
EDIT: I JUST CAVED AND ORDERED THE OTHER TWO COLOURS I MENTIONED :) Plus another cream coloured scarf and a beret.. all up they were $13 even without any extra discount codes, so I can handle the $10 added postage :)
On the right... again, $2 each! I love the lime green. A simple way to add some colour to dark/black clothes.. I own a lot of dark tops which I pair with bright scarves. And the grey one.. matches anything! A must have! These will be awesome in Spring as they're a thinner style.

These were like $2 each.. I grabbed two. You never know!

More Chevron.. Love the colour of this one! I think this one was $2 then discounted with the 30% off. The discount doesn't work with Sale Items...

Two weeks ago I needed this! Next time.. I'll have one! It holds your phone, some cash, coins and cards... the Pippa Phone Clutch in Mint was just too adorable!! I love the colour, which is a little darker IRL than in the photo. 

They do Free Shipping on orders over $50.. and I was not about to add $10 postage when I could just add some more goodies for the same price to get my order to qualify for free shipping... so I added these. They're on Sale for $10 and will definitely be useful!

I recommend checking out Cotton On and if you want to place and order.. sign up first to get your discount! Happy hauling :)


  1. Gorgeous buys! I've been staying away from the shops lately...looks like danger for my bank account.

  2. Nice little haul! Those 2-dollar shoes look really nice :-)

  3. Great haul love ^_^ I especially love the boots! Have you tried it yet? I bought something similar (from a different store), they were great but I was sliding and slipping during the wet weather and on smooth tiles/grounds.

    1. oh no! I haven't worn them in the wet yet... fingers crossed I won't fall on my but! I'd probably just scratch the absolute crap out of them on some rough concrete and see if that stops them being so slippery?? Thanks for the heads up :)

  4. Great haul, I love the clutch and the boots. I also bought some of the sandshoes last time I was in Cotton On except they werent discounted then.