Saturday, August 3, 2013

July Empties

Actually, June's are also included in this post. I haven't really used up many products at all. The bulk of these are samples.

SEACRET Body Lotion - Milk and Honey. From the May LHi box. This was my first experience with Seacret and it would seem I've been fortunate in not actually having to purchase this :P {I've read a lot about how this company and their salespeople in their little booth thingys in malls behave..} Lightly scented with a clean sort of smell. This is on the thinner side but was non greasy, soaked in quickly and was definitely moisturising. I won't be repurchasing though. {FYI: my fave in body lotion is Palmers Cocoa Butter.}

PURE FIJI Hydrating Body Lotion - Coconut. Again from LHi, June box. I liked this lotion, Coconut scents remind me of Summer and it was nice to feel moisturised and Summer scented :) I've not seen this instore, but would maybe pick some up if I did see it.

I.C.O.N India Shampoo & Conditioner. You can read my full review HERE. I loved these. The amber scent was different and therefore refreshing after years of using floral scented hair products. I love these products and will purchase.

GOLDWELL Dualsenses RICH REPAIR 60 second treatment. {March LHi} This was nice. Simple to use. If I wasn't crushing on the I.C.O.N products above I would probably purchase :) Maybe someday.

ELEVEN - Miracle Hair Treatment. {May LHi Box.} I didn't really notice anything with my hair when using this. I'm not sure if the sample was just too small, I think I almost used it all in the first application! Kudos for Australian Made and Owned though. Won't be purchasing.
 OLAY complete. This is my everyday moisturiser. I love that it contains sunscreeen without being greasy. It's a light lotion, that soaks in really quickly and leaves me with no shine or grease! I use the normal/dry skin one as the oily/combination one dries my skin. I have been wanting to switch to a more age-defying daily lotion, but just can't seem to pull myself away from this one :) Have already repurchased.

Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off Mask. See review here. I loved this, it was fun and my skin felt really soft and subtle afterwards. Will repurchase and try some of their other masks also.

LA FRESH Oil-Free Face Cleaner. {July BB} These are travel wipes.  This was very damp {good thing} and easily cleaned away my makeup including waterproof mascara. Nice scent, I'd like to try some of the other wipes in their range.

Biore Makeup Removing Wipe.{July BB} One side of this wipe is textured, I had to sort of scrub at my waterproof mascara. It's smaller than the La Fresh one and my usual wipes Swisspers. I think I'll stick to my usual wipes for now.

Rachel K CC Cream: the Pink One :) I was a little skeptical initially, but I am now trying to get my hands on this! {June LHi} It's definitely better than the BB creams I currently use, offering more coverage without being heavy. Like I said, I'm looking at ordering some right now :) If anyone knows the best place to get this from, please leave me a comment below.

LADY GAGA FAME - perfume samples. You might actually be surprised at how much you get out of one of these tiny sprayers :) I was so stoked to receive not one, but two of these in my June bellabox. After reading some reviews of this perfume I really wanted to try it.. LOVE IT! Have purchased it :) Not sure how to explain the scent to you all... it's floral and fruity but NOT like a real girly type of floral and fruity! And the black liquid is super cool! If you haven't copped a whiff of this yet, do yourself a favour and get yourself to a fragrance counter asap!

So there you have it.. what's in my bin at the moment. I guess it's been a good couple of months with the samples. I've purchased the perfume, want the CC Cream, the face masks, the ICON products... if you haven't signed up to either Lust Have it! or bellabox, I seriously recommend looking into them, I've been introduced to an array of products that I normally would not have. What ended up in your bin this month?


  1. Loz if your going to purchase the Rachel K buy it online from her website here she offers free international delivery.

    I purchased from an australian site and the tube was 10g smaller for the same price. Even with the shrinking dollar it is still better value at the moment.

    Jac x0x

    1. Thanks Jac! I'll do just that! :)

  2. Congrats on finishing all the products Loz! ^_^
    I am such a snail when it comes to finishing products. I haven't got to my rachel k samples yet but I'm already aching to get some because of all the positive reviews!

  3. Well done on the empties! I wish I could use that many products in a month, so jealous!