Monday, September 30, 2013

bellabox ~ September 2013

Okay, so really no surprises with what's in this package :)

This months box is Spring Party Essentials themed. Here's what I received...

MONTAGNE JEUNESSE DEAD SEA MUD PAC MASQUE - RRP $3.99, 10ml {sample trial size, 6g}
I've previously used a peel-off Montagne Jeunesse mask and although I didn't find anything amazing happened to my skin, I love face masks :)

ELEGANT TOUCH ENVY WRAPS -  RRP $8.99 {full size}
Can you believe that I've never actually used nail wraps!! :P I know right! My packet is Deckchair Pastels, basically white stripes... I'm not a fan of the darker green coloured one, but the rest of the pastel colours look okay. I'm sure I'll be sharing whatever I do with these with all of you :)

SCHICK HYDRO SILK RAZOR -  RRP $9.99, Razor with 1 cartridge {full size}
I haven't tried these razors, I've been using the original Venus razor and blades for like, a decade! lol!
This will definitly get used.

EYLURE NATURALITES _ NATURYAL VOLUME LASH #20 - RRP $12.99, 1 Pair {full size}
I've never used false lashes! I tried to help my sister put some on when she went to a wedding last year.. OMG! Funniest moment ever! I'm happy to give these a go! I'm sure practice makes perfect.. so let's perfect these babies Loz!

I can't wait to get this sucker on my heels :) Can be used wet or dry... I think this will become my new feety-friend.
EDIT: OMG! This thing is awesome used dry!! Just make sure you don't do it over dark floors.. I'd recommend outdoors :P

I've used a Self-tanning spray before, truthfully I stood in our shed and my husband gave me a tan lol!! I like that this says the colour is light. I'm currently using a different tanner at the moment, but I'm sure to give this a go eventually.

I'm not sure if we all got the same colour, it says 'four' on the side. It's actually a really pretty purple based nude.. ?? I have some glosses that would look lovely over this :)

Annual Sub $59.95 available from
Always happy to have a read!

Seriously! There's one sample size in my package!! OMG! Talk about raising the bar this month bb!
Great box, how can you fault this! Everything will get used and while I wait for the mud mask I'll be reading my CLEO!


  1. I hate tanning products, never use them, I haven't received my box yet, couriers don't deliver out here and it looks like BB have changing over to couriers so I will have to cancel my subscription. Jac x0x

    1. The courier they're using is owned by AusPost so you should be right... did you get an email yet? they still haven't actually sent them all out.. I have a post box but it arrived just like it normally would but I had to sign in a different book...
      I've never been fussed with tanning products either, have been using an old Summertan one that is actually out of date!

  2. Enjoy all these lovely products and your CLEO mag!

  3. I think BB bought out a fantastic box this month, although I don't think I'd use half the products in this box. Cudos on the amount of f/s items! ^_^

  4. Your box was a little different to mine, but still good! xx

  5. This box looks great, in my opinion I think it looks much better than the LHI! box this month. I might have to look into getting the BB box and have a look at their previous month's. Which do you prefer BB or LHI? Or does it vary? Love the look of those nail wraps :)

    1. they vary too Mel, one month they're awesome the next not so much! I think BB is better at the moment, and cheaper! I've not seen any reason for the extra cost of LHI since they introduced it, I have an annual sub at the old costing, but once it's up early next year, I'll be saying goodbye to LHI.. much prefer to pay monthly anyway {as I currently do with BB} cause I've not seen any real VIP/Annual subscribers bonus's at all, and you can unsub at any time