Sunday, September 15, 2013

Ethnic Geometry Stripe Butterfly Plastic Stamping Plate ~ KKCenterHk Review

G'day bloggers...

Today I have a review of the Ethnic Geometry Stripe Butterfly Plastic Stamping Plate* available from KKCenterHk.

I have never used a plate like this before, rather than a typical metal etched plate, this is plastic on one side, which shows the designs. And the other side is like a big squishy stamper with the designs etched into the rubber.
The instructions on their site {here}say that you need polish and a piece of paper. After applying the polish directly onto the rubber stamper, you then put the stamper on the paper and pull/slide it to remove the excess polish and then stamp the image onto your nail.
Easy right?

This plastic plate has 4 images, the full size image measures 1.2 x 1.5 cm.

Like any nail stamping, practice with this plate will probably make perfect. My stamping with the usual metal plates and scrapers isn't always that flash, so I was happy with the results I achieved using this...

The polish was easy to 'slide' off on the paper, I used a simple piece of printer paper. I did have to check to make sure I'd removed all the excess before stamping. As with my usual Konad stamper, the actual stamping is very much trial and error. Whether you 'roll' the stamper plate, or your nail, or press your nail onto the stamping plate, we all do things differently and I find different images require different methods. I 'rolled my nail' onto this plate to get the images...

My results varied depending on what image I used.. placement was a bit trickier than normal. I struggled most with the butterfly wings and only ended up with half of them on my nail!

This was pretty cool to try :) I didn't find that there was any less 'cleanup' with this plate, in fact I had more streaks of polish on my paper than I ever get on my paper towel when I stamp with metal plates, but I will say that I loved that I didn't need to clean the stamper and plate with acetone/polish remover each time. You can just wipe off the excess polish from the stamper after each go, therefore saving your nails from cotton-ball fluff :) I look forward to trying this out further and will let you know if I get any better at it lol!

If you'd like to check out these plastic stamping plates for yourself, KKCentreHk have a few variations in store.. {here} use the discount code polishpatterns for 10% off your order. :)

* Product received free of charge for consideration. All opinions are my own and your experience may differ than mine. I have not purchased through this store and therefor cannot comment on shipping times, customer service or any policies. 


  1. These are SO pretty! I love the last nail, so cute~! xx

  2. SO that's what a nail stamp looks like!! I've never seen one before. I always assumed it was like putting on those fake paper tattoos. very cool!

    1. Most nail stamping plates are actually metal, with the design etched in them, you put your polish over the design, then scrap away they excess with a scraper, then you 'pick up' the design on a squishy rubber stamper and transfer it onto your nail. This is the first time I've used a plate/stamp that was rubber on the back..