Friday, September 27, 2013

Lust Have it! ~ September 2013

G'day peeps... My first sub box has finally arrived this month! I haven't seen too many LHi reviews around yet, so without comparing my box to any others.. here's what I got :)

WOTNOT Natural Organic Facial Wipes RRP $7.92, 25 wipes {sample 5 wipes}
I got these in a recent bellabox, I'm not real fussed with my facial wipes, so it's nice to get another sample pack :)

MARY KAY Oil-Free Makeup Remover RRP $22, 110ml {mini version ~ 29ml}
Said to be great for gently removing eye makeup including waterproof mascara, without tugging or pulling delicate skin. I wear eye makeup EVERY day, and my choice of mascara is waterproof, so I'm happy to have received this one too :)

L'OREAL Base Magique Primer RRP $29.95, 15ml {sample 5ml}
Again, recently received this same sample in a bellabox, but that's not a bad thing :) I've been using my other sample sparingly so it's nice to know I have another on hand...

MONTEIL Le Nouveau Parfum RRP $69.99, 50ml {sample 2ml}
I love getting perfume samples :) I've never heard of this one before, and the scent REALLY lingers!! Whilst it's not something I would usually go for, I'm enjoying it. I think this lil' baby will be kept for special occasions at the moment and I'll have to look at maybe purchasing when one of my other's empties...

GKMBL Soothing and  Nourishing Shampoo & GKMBJ Soothing Hair & Scalp Moisturiser RRP $30.95 each, 580ml {samples 30g each}
Yay for including both the shampoo and a conditioner!! I have seen these pop up in many subscription boxes, and so far I've not tried these :) They smell really nice, and again, happy to give them a go, or keep them for travelling..

LUST HAVE IT! Synthetic Precision Pencil Brush RRP $15 {full size}
If you recall I have purchased the travel set of LHi brushes {see review here} and have had mixed results with them. They eye brushes are really good, but the face brushes not so much... I'm really happy to have received this as it's not a part of their set. I do wish they'd splash out and label & logo their brushes!!

BAJI Skincare Range (Selection) 
I received the Baji Kakadu Plum Antioxidant Formula Face Mask. {50g} I'll look up the retail value for this a little later and add it in.{FYI $19, 100g tube} {sample is 50g in a lovely glass tub..} This contains a combination of green and ultra-fine Australian Zeolite Clay, which helps to draw out impurities, unclogging the pores whilst cleansing and detoxifying, revitalising the complexion leaving it feeling extra smooth. What's not to love? :) I'll probably review this one after using it a couple of times... when I have time! Why'd I sign up for 33DC? :P

L'OREAL Infallible Makeup Liquid Foundation RRP $35.95, 30ml {tiny 1ml sample sachet}
You either got to try this, or their Nude Magique BB Cream. Either way I didn't care what I got to try. My foundation sample is a tiny 1ml so not sure how much 'sampling' I'll be doing besides a colour swatch. Mine's Golden Beige which is pretty much my warmer tone over the summer, so I'm happy to test this one out too.

BONUS! TOM Organic Regular Tampons
I saw these in a different sub box last month I think, not thrilled about these, mainly because I have a Merina IUD and don't need these products! I can understand the company using beauty subs for advertisement, and if I did need them, I'd be using them. :) I'll see if one of my mates wants them.. 'oh, by the way... you want these corks?" :P lol!

Great work Lust Have it!

BUT WAIT.... there's more in my box!
KARPATI BIO-INTELLIGENT Bio-Cellulose Sensitive Mask....
No details at all on this one. I think I may have accidentally received this! I'll give you a run down of what's on the packaging. "These unique and natural gel sheet fibers have a diameter of 20mm, which is less than the extra cellular space (50mm) of the skins epidermal cells. As a result this material resembles the human skin and is unlike any other mask treatment available.... is a combination of the ultra-soothing active ingredients to comfort and repair irritated, blotchy and fragile complexion..."
So basically it's a cloth mask? Worn for around 20-25 minutes, and you don't rinse the skin afterwards.. OK, Lust Have it.. I'm game :)
EDIT: Lust Have it have responded to my comment on their FB and have said that they had extra Karpati products and didn't want them to go to waste so threw them in as an extra added bonus. Sweet! Plus, all Karpati products included this month are valued at over $40..

{ extra info cards included with this months box} 
WOW! Just got better! Am very happy with this month's box! What did you get this month? Did you like the box? Whilst there's not a whole lot of full size products, I'm thrilled with this box :) Happy Sampling :)


  1. Well there certainly was a lot in the box, mmmm don't know how I feel about this one, lots of repeats from previous boxes. I haven't received any boxes from LHI or BB yet.

    Jac x0x

  2. I'm so jealous of your box! The face mask looks awesome, so does the perfume sample.

    1. the perfume is really nice! going to have to look into getting some :)

  3. Woah! Great box Jac! I wish everyone received this one (or similar). The mask looks fantastic, i can't wait to read your review!

  4. I would have preferred to receive this box! This one looks jam packed with good products. I love mud masks, this one sounds like it does a good job, hopefully it will. It sort of annoys me how we get different boxes but anyway :)

    1. I wish the boxes were a lot more alike too Mel... it's just fair sometimes, they can vary so much! I'd much prefer if they could give out the same brand but different, or same but different coloured, you know what I mean :)