Monday, October 7, 2013

Aussie Nails Monday - Halloween Month - Mani #1

Hi guys... if you've noticed my 33DC nails have gone astray, you're right. 4 days in and I just lost all inspiration with the next theme, I'll join back in when the mojo strikes :)

I recently joined Aussie Nails Monday, and I'm starting off with the Halloween themed month. Today's theme is Halloween Decor...

I've gone with a bat with some typical Halloween colours... I've seen others do a much better version of this!

I used the following polishes: MUD Nudely Now, CHINA GLAZE TreeHugger & Draped in Velvet, boe Orange Citrus, BYS Black Satin, SALLY HANSEN White On.

You can see much better Halloween Decor from the following blogs and instagram...

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Relle - @lazylacquerista or Lazy Lacquerista
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Have a great week ♥


  1. How cute and perfect for Halloween. Love the little bat!

  2. this is really cute! We were just talking about halloween, and how we were gonna celebrate it yesterday...Maybe with a One Direction pinata lol.

  3. That's adorable! I can't get mine to look quite so neat.