Thursday, October 3, 2013

FaB Box by Lust Have It! {September Launch}

Hey guys.. some of you have probably seen a few posts going around about these new Fashion and Beauty {FaB} boxes by Lust Have it! I've finally received my box, a little later than a lot of other people, and with thanks also to their FB page, the inclusions were no surprise...

LHI Limited Edition Tote Bag RRP $12.95
Canvas Tote with bright graphics on one side. A basic calico tote bag, the product card says they'll be having a different design to collect each month - um... how many of these do we need? It's a bit like the 'collectible designer boxes' the regular monthly box has been coming in, so over them! A repetitive product each month is not something I would really want...

FaB Mint Green Watch... RRP $29.95
If you follow MatillyRose's Blog, you'll have seen that you can pick yourself up this exact watch from eBay for a fraction of the cost. If you're wanting one of these {other colours are available} then be sure to click the link in Jac's post.
This is a bright aqua-type colour with rose gold accents. It's also quite large... the plastic is soft and seems very pliable. The colour is gorgeous, but it really is big! :)

DURI Nail Enamel 599 Call Me Maybe RRP $18, 15ml
Included are two Duri polishes.. Call Me Maybe is a bright neon peach...  Naturally, these polishes are the absolute highlight of this box for me!

DURI Nail Enamel 112S Pie In The Sky Green RRP $18, 15ml
Gorgeous mint!

FaB Tassel Necklace RRP $19.95
I don't wear necklaces so my collection is very small. I'm not sure if I'll get to wear this, but it may come in handy one day :) I do love the peachy colour on it.

FaB Aztec Print Scarf... RRP $24.95
This is big. So big that's I've seen it mentioned that it would make a good sarong. And upon Jac's findings on the watch, for those of you who may want one of these scarves for yourself.. please click {here}, these too are available from eBay...
I'm not sure if I'll get much use out of this... on the eBay listing it is shown worn in various fashions...

This is the beginning of a new 'thing' for Lust Have it! I've seen mentioned on their FB that the initial thoughts of having this as a seasonal box looks more like they'll be doing it monthly. A monthly fashion box does not interest me at all, and not at $35. Without the overpriced polishes, this box isn't really something for me.
I've received an email, as founding buyers of this box will be given yet another 2 Duri polishes and some sort of full sized cosmetic if they sign up for the October FaB box.. sorry LHI, but it's not for me...

What did you think? I love the colour combo and the polishes really are a highlight... Will you be signing up for October?


  1. I do love the colour combination of this box. As soon as I saw the nail polishes I thought of you!! I knew you'd love them lol.....
    I don't know if you have been on LHI's FB page but they are thinking of getting rid of the tote and adding more products, that could be a good thing. Clever you finding the scarf/sarong on ebay. I think it would probably be cheaper if anyone sees anything they like in the box to shop around and buy the individual items, certainly cheaper. I went and picked up two more of those watches in Pink and Purple from ebay, they are pretty good for $4. :o)

    1. I agree, I've been watching the Her Fashion Box reviews around the www, and I'll def be picking up just the items I like and saving myself a heap of money :)