Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Gold & Pearl Rubber Mask by Ocean Essence

Who loves face masks? I didn't think I did until I made it my business to use every sample mask I have received this year! This is actually the 4th review {including the eye patches} as my first was a Montagne Jeunesse Peel Off mask {review here}, and I still have another 3 to go! I didn't realised the sample boxes has so many in them :) I'm not complaining, although having sensitive areas on my face, for the most part I can whack pretty much anything on there!
This particular mask came in my March 2013 Lust Have it! box - I've been hoarding these for waaaaay too long!

The sample is a 25g {full size?} foil packet with very little information on it besides the ingredients, so lets list those first...

Ingredients: Deep Sea Algae, Alginate, Diatomite, Calcium Sulphate, Sodium Alginate, Sodium Pyrophosphate, Startch, Hyoscyamus Niger L, Semen Hyoscuami, Gold & Pearl Powder, Greentea Extracs.

Instructions: There's no instructions on my foil package and according to the LHi! March card, we mix 30ml of warm water and the mask which is powder form, in a plastic bowl. Apply quickly and fairly thickly, especially around the edges for easy removal. Leave on for 30 minutes and feel off once set like rubber.. TIP: Cleanse and moisturise first to help peel the mask off later..

Here it is before mixing, a white powder with a thick consistency...

And after mixing...

I may have added a little too much water as I was guessing my 30ml using a shot glass! :P {Darwin NT Shot glass from 2005 in case you're wondering lol} It mixed together really quickly and the result was a yellow tinged somewhat gloopy goo :) The reason I think I added too much was that it was literally 'running' down my face, and I had to lie down. My kids were playing with their LEGO in our bedroom and thought it was hilarious!

Within minutes the mask thickened and set on the outside. My kids all took turns in touching it and 'urghing' :) My eldest daughter told me I'd forgotten to cut up some ZUCCHINI for my eyes lol! I told her she meant CUCUMBER but she said Cucumber is for eating! Yes, Zuccini is not for their eating in our house lol!

{left: A Bit On The Runny Side :) middle: After 5 Minutes right: After 20 Minutes }
Where the mask was thinnest I could feel some tightening, where it had run off the edge of my chin before setting, started to peel off. It was really cool too, if I touched the outside the coolness felt awesome. This mask, felt awesome! :)

The edges really began to tighten as they turned white. My kids helped me remove the mask {they really did think it was hilarious!}, the very outside edges needed a cloth to remove the thinner, whiter bits, but the rest of it just peeled away. It had started to crack in some areas and by raising my eyebrows I made cracks everywhere which made it easy for the kids to attack remove. hahah.

My skin was still really cold to the touch, and felt pretty nice. The scent of the mask lingered for a while, it had a real soap/clean type of smell, and my sinus felt awesome too; as the mask dried across the bridge of my nose it lifted the skin and opened the airways, I could breath! Damn Sinus'!

Overall, this was really cool. My skin feels refreshed.. I'm not sure exactly what this mask promises to do to your skin, but it was fun. And at around $10, something nice to do for yourself - even when it's school holidays!

Lust Have it!'s store is still not up and running, but they may have these in stock. These may be available from Spas and Beauty Therapists... maybe....

Did you try your sample mask? What did you think? Did I add too much water??? 

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  1. That is so weird! I wasn't interested in them before, but this has me intrigued. Did your skin feel smoother afterwards?

    1. hehe it really was weird :) skin did feel softer and smoother afterwards, and really cool. the coolness lasted for ages, hoping to get a couple of these to use over the hot summer.

  2. Ooooo it's in powder form, how interesting! A bit of a novel product but I would make an absolute mess if I had to mix my mask every week!