Saturday, October 5, 2013

zNano Active Gold Eye Patches anti wrinkle {Happy Eyes}

I've been sorting through my sample cupboard {yes, a whole cupboard} as I've recently realised that I hardly even try half the samples I get sent! I tend to jump on the full size products bandwagon and toss the others in a box in the cupboard.Well, not any more.....

zNano Active Gold Eye Patches anti wrinkle. RRP $45, 20 patches.
These patches come in this bright blue packaging, I received a sample which was just the one pair of patches. 
Full size contains 10 sachets with 2 patches per sachet, 20 sachets in total {their pamphlet thinks we're all uneducated bums who can't multiply!}
1. Cleanse and dry skin thoroughly 
2. Open pouch and remove both patches {see, told you they think were're morons} :)
3. Peel off the liner and place patch under eye area {oopsies, they forgot to tell us to place one patch under each eye.. however do they expect us to figure that out!} :P
4. Relax & leave on for 20-30 minutes. {Although, back of actual patch packaging says 15-20 mins} 
5. Remove gently and discard. 

Ingredients: zNano-Active Gold, Collagen, Vitamin c, Licorice, oat peptide, Scutellaria extract, hyaluronic acid, Rose essential oil, seaweed polysaccharides. 

Okay, so these things are cool :) They're packaged on a little plate type thing which has some sort of liquid on it. They're really smooth, slightly slimy and a really cool gold colour. It tells me I may feel some tingling during the treatment, and initially I did, though it quickly stopped and all I could feel was this weird cold stuff under my eyes. Whilst on, they're still really cool to touch and have a very subtle smell {I'm guessing the Rose essential Oil}...

Recommended Frequency of Use is to initially apply twice weekly for 3 weeks, then once weekly for the next 4 weeks or as desired. 

So basically, I'm not going to get any real anti-wrinkle results from my one package. But, as something new to try, these are fun! 
The price is fair, the box of 10 sachets will last you at least 7 weeks if you follow the frequency directions.. from then you're looking at a box lasting you much longer. 
I'd recommend using these whilst relaxing, or resting, probably before bed. Typing with them on hasn't been ideal as every time I look down I can see them :) lol
After removing them my skin was really cool to touch, and the patches themselves were still really cool too. I didn't have any residue and I'd like to think that just with this one application, that my wrinkles will have lessened hahah

If you haven't tried your eye patches yet, why not whip 'em out and whack 'em on! If you'd like to purchase these please visit Health Essentials {please note I have not dealt with this company and therefore cannot comment on their services and policies, buyer discretion recommended.}

What did you think of your patches? Are there any others that you'd recommend?

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  1. They look so much like the ocean essence eye patches I received from LHI. Did they feel uncomfortable for you at all? Maybe I'm just not used to having things under my eyes!

    1. Hi Lily, they weren't uncomfortable at all, just strange having things stuck to my face :)