Friday, November 22, 2013

Australis 4~1 Conceal Correct

A few weeks ago I was just strolling around Priceline {prowling is probably the word for it lol} and caught site of this little beauty. I know there's been a heap of products just like this one but I wanted to try this.

Retail Price $12.95 Priceline. {I got mine for $5 less with a Priceline Sister discount.. bargain :) }

Australis 4-1 Conceal Correct is "a multi-tasking concealer-corrector palette filled with skin-perfecting shades for custom coverage and blemish erasing! Magically erase redness, dark circle and uneven skin tone by blending a mixture of green, purple and skin coloured conceals."

This is a sturdy little palette, upon opening you're welcomed with a green and medium skin toned concealer. Under those is the purple/lilac and lighter toned concealer with in-built mirror.
The green as we all know, is for reducing redness. The lavender {I refuse to call such a pretty pastel, purple!} is said to reduce dark under-eye circles and add highlight.

I am loving this.... The lavender works great with my dark circles, and mine are pretty bad. The green is expectedly great with the red areas. I find this blends easily, can be built up without too much bulk and for the most part does exactly what I want it to do. My main use for this is the lavender, I apply around my inner eye for highlight and under my eyes. I can use the skin toned concealers in the palette, but for simple every-day use, I tend to dab a minute amount of my foundation/BB cream to ensure it's blended nice and quickly. These may be a little 'greasy' for some, but I'm not having any major issues with it.

Okay, for a long time I've been using peach/yellow tones around my eyes.. thank God I picked this up with the lavender concealer, I love the highlighting. In the swatches it comes off white. Now, this isn't the HOLY GRAIL of colour correctors, but if you can get it cheaply, it's a bargain which just might work for you.


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  2. Ohh this sounds pretty awesome! Must check it out next time I'm in store! xx

  3. I've been using a few Australis products, one of them being the paparazzi foundation & concealer - it dries my skin out a little (even though a lot of people find it a bit oil). Do you think this concealer would be ok for dry skin?

    1. Not real sure! Sorry mate :) ... it might be okay, and if you can get it at a cheaper price it might be worth trying?

  4. I love finding surprisingly good quality items from Australis! Good find!

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